Kettle, Anna Nagar - Food Walk!!

After the two wraps from Petawrap we guys ( Karthick, Diviyan and Myself ) headed to Kettle. Karthick was a little confused as to which street Kettle is located, but he did find the place without much trouble. We entered Kettle at around 5:30pm. The ambiance of the place was very warm and welcoming,very tastefully done interiors. It gave a very cozy feel to the place. We had our minds fixed on a nice cool drink for each of us. I went with Peach Ice Tea, while Karthick picked Lemon Basil Ice Tea and Diviyan picked a Mango Smoothie. We also picked a Raspberry White Chocolate Cheese Cake and a Tiramisu.

The Cheese cake had a nice Oreo Biscuit bottom with a chunky layer of cheese and topped with white chocolate shavings. Raspberry jam was present mixed with the cheese and also a bit on the top. Even though the cake looked great, cheese tasted more like mousse than a cheese. The Tiramisu had a nice layer of soft sponge cake dipped in coffee with a thick mixture of mascarpone, egg yolk and cocoa on top of it. The consistency of the tiramisu was nice, but it lacked depth, in the coffee flavor.

The Mango Smoothie which Diviyan had, was made from Mango ice cream, the flavor was really pleasing, very similar to a real mango. The Lemon Basil Iced Tea which Karthick had picked, had a nice spicy after taste to it, thanks to the basil leaf. My Peach Iced Tea was very soothing and mild, definitely something which I needed after a good walk in the sun. After the refreshing drinks, the manager showed us the varieties of teas which they had in store.

The refreshment session put us back by Rs 580/-. Definitely a place to visit. Loved the ambiance, also heard the ice creams and food items are great. I hope to try this place another time.

Food - 6/10 ( Cakes ) ; 7/10 ( Drinks )
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Cost - 8/10

Kettle is located in 10th Main Road in Anna Nagar. Its in the lane opposite to LKS Jewelry.

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