Kitchen Chronicles - 3 Cheese Cajun Chicken Burger

I have been a sucker for proper juicy burgers all my life. There has been a sudden drought of good burgers on this side of town with the closure of Gallopin Gooseberries and Sparkys. So if I needed a good juicy burger, I had to travel all the way to Bessi Beach to have burger from Pupil. With increase in traffic I have become fed-up of traveling the distance for a burger. So I decided and sat down and made recipe which would kick @$$ and also I saw this recipe being done on a program in TLC so I went ahead and did it at home.

3 ( No way related to the movie 3) Cheese Cajun Chicken Burger
Serves 4-5 people

1/2kg of Chicken Minced
 Burger Bun ( I got from Prima)
2 Spoons Cajun Powder ( Store Bought )
Cheese - I had gone with
 1. Cheddar
 2. Mozzarella
 3. Britannia Chilli Cheese
You can use any kind of cheese you want
Cabbage leaves
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1/4 teaspoon of chilli powder
1 Onion diced
1 Tomato diced
Cooking Butter
Spoon of Olive Oil

How to make

For the Cheese
Grate sufficient quantity of the 3 cheeses and mix them together.

For the patty
If you are not able to get minced chicken, buy boneless chicken, cut it down to small pieces and drop it in your food processor with the salt, pepper, chilli powder and the cajun powder. Run the food processor a couple of times so that the chicken is minced evenly.
Now add a spoon of olive oil to the minced chicken and start making the patties. We should be able to make around 10 regular size patties.

Now add the 3 cheese mixture on top of the 5 patties and use the rest of the patties to close the patties with cheese. So you will end up having only 5 patties in the end.

Now toss the patty on a non-stick pan which has been bought to temperature with cooking butter. Close the patty with a lid on top of the pan. I went for a bowl and placed it on top of the pan. Allow it to cook for 15mins. You have awesome 3 cheese patties for you burger

If you have a griller you can use it as well. I used an Electric Meat Griller which gave me awesome grill marks on the patty. Please check regularly as different grillers heat at a different rates.

Now toss the burger which is cut into half horizontally on the pan in which you cooked the patty for a few minutes so that it is toasted a bit, also to make the bun absorb the fat left on the pan.

Now plate it up... Woalaaa!! you have 3 cheese cajun chicken burger. Bon Appetite!

Thanks to Kartick Ganapathy for asking me to post this.

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