Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai, G.N. Chetty Road, Chennai

I have come to hear from many people that they love Parotta and their next question would be where could they find the best Parotta in Chennai? Up until now I went about suggesting this and that which were fine but not out of the world. Well the search for the best Parotta, has finally come to an end-with the entry of Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai!

My trips to Courtallam took place when I was really young. So the chances of me remembering a dine at the original place is equal to zero. I have got many raving reviews about this place in the recent times from a close friend. So expectations were running high and I hoped it would not disappoint, when they opened an outlet in Chennai.

As there was a lot of build up for this place in my mind, I just could not wait for a formal dine-in. I cross the restaurant almost every other day when I head to work. So had a small dash and splash pit stop and took a take away to work.

Our order was 12 Border Parotta, 4 Nattu Kozhi Pichupotathu and 1 Chicken Kothu Parotta. I did not order any gravy as I wanted to relish the Saalna. I think they have the got the Saalna just right. Adequate amount of spices and fantastic taste. Goes well with both Parotta and Kothu Parotta. The Saalna felt like it was based on a chicken broth with small pieces here and there.

Now coming to the Border Parotta which is the size of my palm, is quite small, I would say. A person with normal appetite can gobble up 4 of these with ease. If you are the type who wishes to drench the parotta in a gravy, then this parotta is definitely for you. Once it soaks up the gravy it becomes really really softer, and goes in with ease. The Nattu Kozhi Pichupotathu is a pepper fry preparations made in Nattu Kozhi and then smashed into pieces. Darn tasty! Loved the flavor.

The Chicken Kothu Parotta was stumptuous. Same Parotta torn into pieces and then with a dash of egg and chicken pieces Vola! Mix it with Saalna - Pure Bliss!



This fantastic tasty parotta meal cost us Rs 970/-

I had a small chat with the owner of the Chennai branch, and to my surprise I came to know they are from my native town It was quite nice catching up with them.

Food - 8.5/10
Price - 8.5/10

PS: Photos were shot using Samsung S6

Disclaimer : I paid for it.

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai is located on G.N. Chetty Road, opposite to Murugan Idly Kadai

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