Golden Dragon, Taj Coromandel, Nungumbakkam, Chennai

The Golden Dragon at the Taj Coromandel is one of the oldest restaurants in the hotel. The restaurant was launched around the time when the hotel was opened to business in 1975. The Menu here has stood the test of time with a few additions and deletions whenever a new Chef had taken over the reins. But few dishes have been immortalized on the pages of Golden Dragon Menu such as Kung Pau Chicken and Peking Duck.

In a bid to re-invent itself, the restaurant has brought in a new chef. Master Chef Lian. He is not much of a talker, but he lets his food do the talking. I must say I was floored with his cooking. Dish after dish was a home run.


The first dish to be served was the Dimsum - Duo of Asparagus, a dumpling with very subtle flavors, this makes you wonder that a dimsum can be tasty even with light flavors. 

The next to be served was the Qiling Fish with Sichuan Toban Djan Sauce. I would recommend this dish to anyone who is to dine here. It was just divine.

Next came the Lotus Stem Chengdu Style, which was slightly different from the usual super crispy version. This was mildly crispy yet loaded with chili.

Next was the North Atlantic Steamed Scallop with Pickled Chili. I sure loved it. The steamed scallops were just perfect. The sauce rich in pepper and chili had a unique flavor. A word of caution is to not bite on the chili. They are quite spicy.

Following the scallops we were served the Crispy Tiger Prawns with Chili Butter Garlic. OMG! this is not to be missed. The prawns are gigantic and crispy fried. Its a pure melody. Another dish which should be surely be tasted. I am pretty sure this is gonna become a sure dish on their menu.

Following this we were served Spicy Mahti Chicken which was infused with Sesame and was mildly spicy.

Next was the veg version of the Steamed Scallop. The scallops was replaced with mushroom. The mushroom were cut into long threads like a noodle. It was just as good as the scallops version. Again a word of caution on the chilli. They were quite spicy.

Next up was the Crispy Lobster Chili Butter Garlic. The meat was made into small morsels and crispy fried, and served with the shell which tasty and eye catching. A brilliant dish!

Finally the last of the appetizer. This was the duck served katti roll style ( Aromatic  Duck). The pancakes are taken first and coated with the sauce. Next up the veggies are loaded following which the duck is placed and you wrap it into a roll then dig in. A Chinese take on our katti roll. Simply Yumm!

Finally we got to dig into the main course. Vegetable Hakka Noodle, Jimling Style Jasmine Seafood Fried Rice served along with Chicken in Peanut Sauce, Stir Fried Tofu and Steamed Okra in Soya Garlic Sauce.

If it was me I will be content with the Chicken in Peanut sauce and Steamed Rice. The combination was heavenly. The noodle was simple and neat but the flavor were elevated with the Tofu. Something the veg eaters will love. Seafood fried rice was another hit among the group.

We finished our meal with Sticky Toffee Pudding and Basil Ice Cream. Through decadent dessert which is not to be missed. 

It is a mix of old world with Chinese design with a Taj Twist.

A meal for two would cost Rs 5000/- and upwards depending on the number of specialty dishes ordered.

Disclaimer : Invited Review

Golden Dragon is located inside the Taj Coromandel.

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