Flavours of Tulu Nadu @ Madras Pavilion, ITC Grand Chola, Guindy, Chennai

If there is one hotel which just keeps reinventing the food scene in Chennai, then it has got to be ITC Grand Chola. Every time I am here, I am simply blown away by the food.

This time I was here after a while for the Flavours of Tulu Nadu food festival. Tulu Nadu is a small region between northern part of Kerala and a wee bit of Karnataka. The amount of ground work done by Chefs at ITC needs to be lauded. My prior experiences have been restricted to Pure Kerala / Karnataka or Goan cuisine. So this Tulu Nadu was all new to me. But whatever I had tasted was simply sensational.

The dinner started of with a nice soothing Buttermilk and Banana Bairada Juice  - Ripe Banana mashed with coconut water was a killer. For soup we had Bele Saaru which was a cross between traditional Tamilian rasam and a dal sorba.

Here the dinner took a adventurous twist. Main course was served on EXTRA LARGE Vaalai Ellai, even larger than the ones used in South Indian Weddings. These Ellais should easily accommodate a meal for two. The first dish served was Natia Kori - mildly spiced chicken with a dash of ghee was simply sensational. Infact I went on to have a second, third and fourth helping of the same.

Next was Sajji Ke Taarai da Roti - Coconut pancakes - was a cross between fat dosa and adai. Errai Da Meen was Seer fish marinated with mild spices similar to the chicken and grilled which too was simply irresistible.

Here on I decided to plate up my Vaalai Ellai for photography.

(From top left to bottom right)
- Errai Da Meen
- Yetti Sukka ( Prawns marinated in mild spices and coconut )
- Pineapple Gojju (rich tart pineapple gravy with select karavali spices)
- Kori Gassi with Kori Roti ( Rice Roti soaked with Mangalorean chicken curry)
- Kadla Belai Kootu ( Channa Dal with Mustard, curry leaves and loaded with spices)
- Meen Pulli Munchi ( Makared cooked with Mangalorean spices)
- Spinach Garlic Dal
- Steamed Rice
- Neer Dosa ( Thin, light dosa)
- Dappa Dosa
- Mamsam Biryani ( Not pictured here was sensational )

All of the above were WOW!

Finally Payassam and Ragi Manni ( Jaggery fudge) to finish of this sensational dinner course. I am simply out of words to explain the entire meal. With no dish to fault, this could be the best food festival every foodie should visit.

Priced at Rs 2200/- + taxes for a person.
The Flavours of Tulu Nadu are on till June 25 at Madras Pavilion

Flavours of Tulu Nadu -  a must visit for every South Indian food loving foodie.

Disclaimer : Invited Review

Madras Pavilion is located inside ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

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