Flavours of Independence - Anise, Taj Coromandel, Chennai

Ever wondered what people of India ate in restaurants about 40 years ago. Ever wondered what the affluent had on the eve of Indian Independence in 1947 . Taj has dug through their archives and found the menu which was served 70 years ago for dinner, on 14th  of August 1947 at their Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.

They have recreated the menu which was originally written in French by French Chefs along with Indian Chefs of Goan or Bengali origin. The menu has been slightly altered to suit the current tastes but the core ingredients and flavours remain the same. Portion sizes are also the exact same size  as people had a voracious appetite back then. Also there was no concept of ala carte dining - only set menu.

The images below are the dishes which are recreated for the special 1947 menu.
Veloute d'Amandes

Consomme al'Indienne

Delices al'Hindustan - Tandoori Jhinga, Zafrani Murgh, MuttonSeekh Kebab

Delices al'Hindustan - Palak ki Shammi, Kasundi Broccoli, Kali mirch ka paneer tikka
Poularde shuffle independence Legumes varies

Vegetable fricassee with herb pilaf

Vacherin de Peches liberation

Finally the best picture - Lord Mountbatten in front of Taj before he bid farewell to India.
This wonderful meal experience is priced at Rs 1947 + taxes and is available at Anise, Taj Coromandel for dinner until the 14th August 2017 .

Disclaimer : Invited Review

Anise is located inside Taj Coromandel, Nungumbakkam.

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