Coffeetales, Shenoy Nagar - Food Walk!!

After our blast at the Kettle, we decided to visit our final stop for the day, Coffeetales. We drove to Coffeetales as it was bit far away from Shanti Colony. Since it is a residential area we got parking rather easily. The place had a nice lounge like ambiance, with music on big speakers and disco lights. I selected the Cafe Mocha, nice soothing hot coffee and Karthick picked Chococafe which was a rich chocolate, coffee concoction. The coffees tasted similar to the ones you get in CCD. Diviyan had chosen the Apple Mint Fizz, it was full on mint, with just a fizz on your tongue.

After some drinks we decided to tryout an ice cream, since people were raving about it on the CFG ( Chennai Food Guide ) page. We picked the Tender Coconut Ice Cream ( TCIC ) , it was true to its name. It tasted every bit like soft delicious tender coconut pulp. After the TCIC, Manoj ( Owner of Coffeetales ) tempted us with a sample of coffee flavored ice cream. This made us very impulsive to order one. The coffee flavor was very distinct with a rich aroma to it. While we were almost done with the Coffee ice cream, Manoj made  us sample the unique Deshi Chaal Ice Cream, it was awesome. It was a Pan flavored ice cream, with small bits of betel leaves present int it. We immediately ordered one.of that too. The taste just lingered in the tongue even many minutes after having it. I refused to wash my tongue down with water. A fitting end to the day of  gastronomic adventures!

3 Drinks and 3 Ice creams put us back by Rs 480/- . I personally loved the ambiance of Coffeetales, because for a non-drinker, sitting in a regular pub can be a little annoying while others drown their spirits.  This is exactly the place for people like me. Kudos to Manoj for the lovely ambiance, I must mention that I loved the Comic leaf style ceiling.

Food - 8/10 ( Ice Creams ) 7/10 ( Drinks )
Service - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Coffeetales is located in Shenoy Nagar behind Heritage Shopping Store.

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