Maya and Maya Emu, Shanti Colony - Food Walk!!

I had a  fun filled Sunday evening with CFGians Karthick and Diviyan. What started off as a  discussion on CFG community, ended in us having a food walk in Shanti Colony. We had talked about a couple of the places, which we should visit on CFG ( Chennai Food Guide ). When the day arrived, we set out as warriors in search of food. By the time I had reached the parking lot opposite Sundaram Medical Foundation, Karthick had some fun with the parking ticket vending machine. I parked my car and ran around for some coins to drop in the vending machine. We were joined shortly by Diviyan when I was trying to get my ticket. With the 3 of us having received the parking tickets, we started the food walk.

The first place we visited was Maya and Maya Emu Restaurant. None of us have, had Emu before so we went for it. Since it was around 4:30pm we guys where not interested in the rice items. As we wanted to visit some other places too, we settled for just snacks.

The Emu Cutlet came in first. It was soft and brittle with good amount of potato in it. It reminded me of Fish cutlets which my grandmom makes. Next up we had Emu Strips, which is very similar to chicken strips of KFC. I really loved the EMU strips. It had 3 pieces, which were even in size and thickness, with no unevenness.. It tasted similar to KFC chicken strips. It was just a bit harder than chicken. Then at last we had the EMU Pops. EMU pops were slightly smaller in size than the chicken pops which we get in KFC. It tasted nice and crispy, along with the mayo and tomato sauce.

When we had entered Maya and Maya Emu Restaurant, they were facing low voltage which had caused non functional A/C units. We paid Rs 225/-, for the 3 dishes. I liked the Emu meat and I would not mind having it another time. Also Emu meat is supposedly very healthy.

Food - 7.5/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Price - 7/10

Maya and Maya Emu is located in Shanti Colony near Sundaram Medical Foundation.

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