NH1, Pycroftsgarden Road

After spending a few hours on the shuttle court at Anna University, I headed out with a couple of my friends for dinner. We set our minds on NH1. I had read some positive reviews about the place, so I wanted to try it out. We entered the restaurant five minutes past 8pm, the restaurant seemed quite empty, with guests at just 1 table. We placed our order and sat back to watch the cricket match on the big screen. I am not really sure of the names, but I am guessing this is what we had ordered. We ordered Murgh Malai Chicken Kebab and Mushroom stuffed with cheese for starters. For the main course we had ordered Chicken Biriyani, Butter Chicken Masala and Mutter Panner with an assortment of Roti's to go with it. The dishes had fancy punjabi names which I am not able to recollect.

The 1st starter, which we got was the Murgh Malai Kebab. It tasted really yummy. It had us all going gaga over the kebab. The chicken was really succulent. Then we had to wait for a little while before the next starter could arrive. By the time it arrived, the vegetarians at the table became really impatient. I took a taste of the Mushroom stuffed with cheese, it was tasty but, somehow I preferred the Chicken starter.

The starters went into our belly in no time. We were kept waiting for our main course. The waiter placed the food and vanished even before we could ask him to serve us, not that we were bothered about it. This gave me a little while, to click some pictures of the food. My friends stared at me,as they became increasingly impatient with the waiting. Once I was done clicking, they jumped into the food. I had the roomali roti with both the gravies. The roti was nice and soft, also easy to break into small pieces. The Butter Chicken Masala was not to my taste, it was not really rich enough to be called a butter chicken masala. Even my friends felt the same. The Mutter Panner was a bit too sweet not that I would complain. But my vegetarian friends did not like it one bit. They ended up having the gravy which came along with the butter chicken masala. After a round of the roti, I took a sample of the biriyani. It was delicious, I loved the way it was cooked. It was flavorsome and better than biriyanis you get at most restaurants

Apart from the food the ambiance was really nice, but the service was a big let down. It was really slow and they were terribly under staffed for a Sunday. They had just one waiter, to run between all the tables. Water in our table was not refilled throughout the course of our meal. The place became really crowded by the time we left. At times they did not have anybody manning the restaurant, it was just us guests sitting. Seeing the place jam packed at the end of our meal, I wondered if we had not ordered the right dishes. So I wish to try this place some other day. The prices are slightly on the higher side, the meal for 6 of us was Rs 1900/-.

Food - 6/10
Service - 5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Price - 7/10

NH1 is located on Pycroftsgarden Road, above La Shaakahari.

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