Petawrap, Shanti Colony - Food Walk!!

After having some delicious EMU we walked from Maya and Maya Emu restaurant to Petawrap. I have had Petawrap before and I loved it. We reached Petawrap quite soon because we had emu power in our belly.

We ordered for a Chicken Sheek Kebab Wrap and a Chicken Manchurian Wrap. On receiving them,we felt that the wraps had become a bit smaller in size. We sampled the Sheek wrap first, I felt it wasn't as juicy as before. After this I sampled the Manchurian Wrap, I simply loved it. It was spicy and juicy, just the things which we expect from a wrap. The spicy sauce which they serve with the wrap is very spicy, do have water close by when you sample it.

The Cost of 2 wraps was Rs 80 /-. Definitely worth every penny and a very decent meal on the go. We guys felt gutted that Varam was closed, since we missed some delicious Dosas.

Food - 6/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - It's an outdoor stall!
Price - 7/10

Petawrap is located in the Parking lot of Fish and Fresh. There are many more outlets in various locations.

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