Il Podio, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Ok guys, all Chennai food fans will have to bear with me for a while, because Chennaisoru goes to Abu Dhabi begins here. My first stop was at Il Podio at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi after an exhilarating ride on the worlds fastest roller coaster.

Since we were really hungry after the roller coaster ride, we wasted no time and went ahead and picked up the appetisers and desserts we wanted from the counters and placed an order for our main course. From the assortment of arabian sauces we picked the Hummus and Moutabel with a few pita bread. Main course we had Biryani with Butter Chicken Masala combo, Shish Taouk and Herbed Grilled Chicken. For finishing touches we had Coconut and Banana Caramel Cake.

Hummus with Pita bread was terrific. Move aside Indian made hummus. This is how a Hummus should taste. After sampling Hummus I had a bit of the pita bread with the Moutabel which was even better. In fact it was my moms first time at sampling the Moutabel, which became her instant favorite. Pita bread was light and soft.

Main course on the other hand was mixed bunch. The Biryani with Butter Chicken Combo was something which all Indians should give a miss. The Biryani was more like a tomato rice and the Butter Chicken was more like water with red colour and chicken pieces. We had to order an Indian dish because of my niece. This was followed by Shish Taouk which was mild and highly westernised, but no matter it was quite decent. The Herbed Grilled Chicken was really good. Very very mild and very very tender.

The finishing touches by the Coconut and Banana Caramel was pretty decent. The banana caramel really helped lift the flavors. 

Il Podio is the multi-cuisine food court situated in the Ferrari World

Part self service and part service was simply amazing.

This meal for four cost us 350 AED. 

Food - 7/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 7/10

Disclaimer: I paid for the meal.

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