Sumo Sushi & Bento, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Strolling around Masdar City during HoT summer of Abu Dhabi can be really tiring. Thankfully Masdar city has various pig out spots where one could relax. From the random locations which I was suggested by my mom's best friend Radha, I chose Sumo as I am a sucker for Sushi!!!

As soon as we entered, we went head and placed our orders. I had the Crunchy Crazy Sushi while mom settled for a Cucumber Crabstick Salad and my mom friend had the Steamed Edamame.

It was my first time at having Steamed Edamame which was quite nice. A very good appetiser or in my case it was like a palate cleanser in between the sushi's.

The salad on the other hand was not a light dish, but rather a belter. Finely chopped cucumber topped off with a bucket load of Mayo followed by handful of Tobiko. Tobiko is otherwise known as Red Caviar. We had a few attempts at trying to gobble the dish with the chop sticks, but we ended up using our regular weaponry fork and spoon.

The Salad was mildly flavoured but rich thanks to the Tobiko and Mayo. Also the mayo helped to mask the slightly salty nature of Tobiko. The Crab meat was smooth and it just went down in one WHOFF!!!

Finally coming to my Crunchy Crazy which was Shrimp Tempura Roll covered with a sweet chilli sauce was simply outstanding. I bet I have never had a better shrimp roll than this. Served along with Wasabi which was just spectacular. The crunchy texture complimented the shrimp which was the icing on the cake.

They had both outdoors and indoor dining. Dining outdoors with the temperature hovering around 45 degree would be just madness. Thankfully the well appointed interiors with large glass windows was comfortable to dine in.

Simple, fast and effective.

The short snack for three cost us 85 AED. Also I think I should stop converting the prices to INR to feel the impact.

I must thank my moms friend for taking me to this wonderful place. Also a couple others which I would be posting soon.

Food - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 7/10

Disclaimer : We paid for the meal.

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