Manhattan Fish Market, R.K. Salai

An International food chain starting its operations in Chennai first, before looking at other metros means a lot. Chennaites can now proudly announce that we were the first to get the Manhattan Fish Market. There was a lot glamour surrounding the launch of this restaurant. They had promos on Facebook, up and running at least over a year ago which created enough buzz. Looks like social media is the way forward. If you create enough buzz before the launch of the operations it would translate it into sale.

I was invited over, along with a bunch of fellow bloggers. We were given a short round of refreshments in the form of an Iced Lemon Tea. Shortly after which we were given a brief menu tour on the various preparations methods. We let the restaurant decide our menu for the night and waited to be amazed.

Fried Country Mushrooms were the first to be served along with Garlic Herb Mussels. Fried Country Mushrooms were delicious. Imagine KFC popcorn but only veg here, with mushrooms. This was the first time I was having Mussels. It was more of a like or dislike kind. Chewy and soft, Few of em were great but one was distinctly not to my liking.  It had inky taste. I am not able come to a conclusion if I had enjoyed it or not. But the taste profile of the Garlic sauce was fantastic.

In between gorging on the starters we were served with the Cream of Mushroom Soup. Yes we chose to have a veg soup. Surprising Yes! Between all the Seafood we were to binge on, a veg soup was a welcome change. It had a thick creamy consistency, which was to my liking.

Zuff! the starters were done and we moved to the main course. I am a sucker for good fish and chips. My 2nd brother introduced these delicious babies to me when we were on tour in Maldives. Manhattan Fish and Chips thats what it is called here. Please do not skip this. This dish was just phenomenal. The crispy batter fried fish with the garlic herb sauce make this dish simply irresistible.

Moving along we had the Veggie Oilo - Spaghetti with sautéed mushroom and diced capsicum without even a drop of onions or garlic was a refreshing change.

Next up were the platters. We were served with Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter and the Manhattan Star Platter. My pick here will be the Grilled Flaming Lobster Platter. It had all the items I love. Flamed Lobster check, Batter fried Calamari and Fish check, French Fires check and finally the garlic herb mussels. Lobster was the item of this platter. Simply exquisite. Best lobster I have had in a long time.

 I did like the Manhattan Star Platter as well because of the spectacular Flaming Prawns. Did binge on some Grilled Calamari and some Fried Oysters. My first for both. Calamari more because of the preparation while the Oysters a definite first time. Oysters too had the same feel and taste of Mussels. I am unable to pass a verdict on the same.

In between all the eating we had some Citrus Mint drinks which was awesome. Finishing off our meal we chose our desserts. We picked on Sweet Alabama Shake and Oreo Kaboom Shake and for the sweet tooth we picked Tuscan Tiramisu and Manhattan Mud Pie. Shakes were so blah! too liquidy. Tiramisu was decent, while the Mud Pie was fantastic. 

The food was more of mixed feel for me. I came to know that their seafood catches are usually 3 days old which could be one of the reason for the mixed feel. Apart from seafood they do have a few dishes with Chicken and veggies as well.

The restaurant is put up in two floors. Ground floor is good for small set while the next is best for big groups. The decor takes centre stage. Each room is equipped with a tele and apple tv. This should keep the little ones occupied while older people enjoy the seafood meal.

A decent meal for two comprising of starter, drinks, mains and desserts should cost realistically at around Rs 2000/-.

Disclaimer : Invited review.

Manhattan Fish Market is located on R.K. Salai bang opposite to Marvel Cards.

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