Hola, Besant Nagar

Tucked in the beautiful beach facing road of Besant Nagar is the Mexican Italian restaurant called the Hola. Hola means to attract attention. They have attracted my attention all right. The restaurant is split up into two floors. One being air conditioned and the other being an open air roof top. A group of 8, we contemplated  dining in the open air. Then we realised that we are in the Super Hot Summer of Chennai, so we finally dined in the A/C section. The restaurant serves up Indianised version of the Mexican and Italian cuisine. My God!  It WAS good.

We were terribly hungry by 9 pm, so we wasted no time in ordering food. We started the proceedings with Cheese Italian Nachos and Mexican Nachos. To quench our thirst we picked the Sparkling Mojitos. Not much can go wrong with the mojitos and they tasted just right. Refreshing for this hot summer.

Both the nachos looked the same in appearance and ingredients, but I somehow ended up liking the Mexican better. It was a bit spicier than the Italian nachos. To accompany the nachos there was sour cream, baked beans sauce and the lot. The combination was fantastic.

We also had Mushroom Chipotle. The mushroom chipotle was fantastic. Adding the sauce to the nachos made the crispy nachos even better. This is a must try combination.

After the yummy nachos and mushroom we moved onto the main course. For the mains we ordered a Penne Arrabiata with Chicken, Chicken Lasagne, Pizza Tomatina and finally Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza.

The Penne and the Lasagne were the first to be served. Loved the Lasagne, it was soft and perfect. Chicken pieces were chopped down to small morsels to match the consistency of the veggies. A marriage made in gastronomist's heaven! The Penne was al dente. Arrabiata sauce complemented the Penne. Again I would like to re-iterate they were highly Indianized versions of the original.

Finally the Pizza, they were just divine. Between the two, my vote rests on the Pizza Tomatina. They do give you a option of loading the pizza with olive oil which just adds more flavour to a dish which is already fantastic. Hola just simply reminds me off Bella Ciao. It felt in every way an exact copy of it. Damn they have done a great job at it. Food is superb and it is also a great place to hang out.

Restaurant has both outdoors and indoor dining both great. I really wish to try the outdoor dining on a fine weather day.

Courteous, efficient and knowledgable.

This entire meal for eight, cost us Rs 4530.

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Disclaimer : I paid for the meal

Hola is located in Besant Nagar opposite Tasty Jones.

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