Cafe Ole & Zuka, Mission Street, Pondicherry

After a spectacular meal at Le Dupleix we headed back for a short nap. After which we headed to Cafe Ole and Zuka. Both are located next doors to each other. While Cafe Ole is a proper cafe which serves coffee and shakes Zuka is a standalone Desserts / Chocolates / Divine treats store. This post is a compilation of two visits here.

The visit to Cafe Ole was for a small snack which comprised of Iced Lemon Tea and Sautéed Chicken Mexican Pepperitos. This visit happened all because of my mom who wanted to know what a Pepperito was. Fresh ingredients, refreshing taste and a neat tart I would say. They were more like a single mouth bites for me. Whereas  the Ice Lemon Tea, was like how one would expect it to be. Just right!

Moving to Zuka, the items we had, were as follows - Hot Chocolate Drink, Molten Lava Cake, 64% Dark Chocolate Shake, Mud Pie and finally a Lemon Tart. I know thats a big load of sweet treats to consume. Hot Chocolate was like a pure chocolate which has been melted and made into a solid drink. Best hot chocolate ever.

I am a sucker for dark chocolate and this 64% Dark Chocolate shake was just what the doctor had ordered for. Perfect blend of dark chocolate with milk with whipped cream. Creamy and very very tasty.

Lemon Tart, had a nice base which was soft and biscuity while the lemon filling had little too much lemon ting to it. The Mud Pie was all because of my mom, as she was curious as how it would taste. The rich chocolate with slightly thick crust was perfect. By the time we could bite into the Molten Lava Cake we were on a Chocolate overload. No matter, we bit through the Lava Cake. Perfect chocolaty end to an amazingly chocolaty evening.

Zuka is a must visit for people who visit Pondicherry!!

Both Zuka and Cafe Ole have very similar interiors which resemble your Barrista Cafe. Zukas ceiling is lined with Chocolate Butterfly which looks great and just shows how serious they are into the art of chocolate making.

Quick & Efficient

This meal which comprises of both Zuka and Cafe Ole cost us Rs 1000/-.

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Disclaimer : I paid for the meal

Cafe Ole & Zuka is located in Mission Street, Pondicherry

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