World Food Festival @The Kitchen, Raintree, Anna Salai

Ever wanted to go around the world on a food journey and taste the delicacies of each country? Now you can do that at the comfort of an Air-conditioned restaurant. No running around for a visa! No blowing a big hole in the pocket. Just walk into The Kitchen at Raintree, Anna Salai for treats from around the world.

The best selection of dishes from around the world are placed here as live counters all around the buffet.

It starts off with the Chaat items from the Indian food bowl:Dahi Poori, Papadi Chaat and Bhel Poori and if you walk along, one is treated with Momos both veg and non-veg along with sticky rice from the Chinese food bowl. Further down you have Dosai and the Pesarettu from South India. As you move along you are greeted with a Big Shawarama from Arabia. Trot down further, you are greeted with Sliders and Sandwiches and finally the quintessential Pasta, Risotto and Burrito from Italian and Mexican  cuisine.

Apart from the loads of food from around the world, there is the regular buffet. Buffet spread is extensive. Full marks for the salad counter. Which is the best I have had in a long time. Salad lovers paradise. Main course had dishes which would please everyone Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Beef and Prawns all yummy!

Binging on hell load of food, I was stuffed. But desserts! I just had to have em. Dessert spread was extensive with 4 choices of ice cream and selection of Tiramisu, Chocolate Fudge, Mango Gateaux, Keer, Blueberry Compote and also a selection of assorted fruits all fabulous in their own right.

The kitchen which is the 24hrs cafe for the hotel is simple and elegant.

The buffet is priced at Rs1400 for lunch and 1600 for dinner.

The world food festival is on up to the 23rd of May at The Kitchen, Anna Salai. A small gastronomic trip around the world for people who wish to devour different cuisine.

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