Gossip Bistro, ECR, Chennai

I have heard a lot about Gossip Bistro. So on our way over to Sheraton Grand we stopped over at Gossip Bistro for Lunch. The Bistro is located in Kanathur on ECR with good amount of Car Parking. People traveling on weekends are not gonna have difficulty finding the place or the need to worry about the parking their vehicle.

We started with Potato Wedges and BBQ Chicken Boneless as my one year old like both of them. The wedges were deep fried with skin and had a dash of cream and spices on it. This made the dish mildly spicy but with a really good zing to it. While the other dish had small morsels of chicken marinated in a typical smokey bbq sauce and shallow fried served along with mayo and blue cheese dip.

While we were munching on this we were served complimentary breads with herbed butter and Ice Lemon Tea.

For our mains we had Penne Cajun Chicken Pasta and Chicken Pot Pie. The Pasta was creamy with a hint of cajun spice which made it delicate. While the latter had a short crust pastry with a serving of chicken, bell peppers and cheese. I found the pastry slightly on the sweeter side, but definitely a tasty dish over all.

The menu does feature Indian dishes as well for the people who want Indian dishes.

The restaurant design is contemporary with large glass areas to lend adequate light which enhances the appearance.

Service was good overall even though they were swapped with customers. One minor grouse is the restaurant had only one high chair for kids which was already taken by a group of customers. We had to wait until they were done to get the chair. I really do wish they invest in more high chairs which will drive in more young families.

This meal cost us 1428/- which we felt was worth the feast we were served.

Price - 8.5 / 10
Ambiance - 9 / 10
Service - 8 / 10
Price - 8 / 10.

Disclaimer - I paid for the meal.

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