Haleem Wars Part 2 - Chaacha's Kitchen

This Ramadan season has seen various new introductions. One such new arrival was the Kitchda from Chaacha's Kitchen. I have had Nombu Kanju and I have had Haleem. But this was all new to me. I was quite surprised that I have never heard about Kitchda all this while.  I was quite intrigued when Maaria of Adoniya put it across. 

I got cracking few spoonfuls to decipher the Kitchda code. It felt like a bridge between Nombu Kanju and Haleem with many varieties of dhal mixed in them and a heavy dose of ghee. So people looking for a cross between the two should try this. Firstly very filling - rice and mutton, secondly very heavy yes thanks to the mutton and ghee. I quite liked the flavour. But still my love rests with Haleem.

Kitchda (350 to 400ml) costs Rs 150/- and can be picked up from Adoniya.

If there are any other different Ramadan specials out there, please let me know through mail or via a comment.

Disclaimer : I was given this as a part of food trials.

Chaacha's Kitchen is a part of Adoniya located at Spur Tank Road.

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