Festa Della Pasta @ Prego, Taj Coromandel, Nungumbakkam

One of my all time favourite cuisine is the Italian cuisine. My love for Italian cuisine started with the humble pizza back when I was in 4th standard. This love blossomed and grew every time I had an Italian meal and this meal at Prego, Taj Coromandel strengthen that love.

Things have been different ever since the relaunch of Prego with Chef Luca at the helm. A whiff of freshness, boldness and definitely courage to strive and better something which was already great. So the invitation to sample Chef's latest creations at the Festa Della Pasta was a one not to be missed.

The magical gastronomical journey began post Iftar, with Master Chef  Luca giving us a master class demo on how the best in-house pastas are made. The proportions used definitely gave us an insight as to what goes into making the perfect hand made pasta.

The treat for the taste buds started off with the Watermelon and Green Chilli juice, which was sharp and tasty. This was followed by some amazing varieties of breads which were simply brilliant. A drizzle of olive oil and vola! new realms of taste.

Moving along we were served a mouth amuser in the form of Potato beignets, goat cream cheese, tomato coulis and caramelized cherry tomato. A bit of all the ingredients in a small spoon was enough to push the taste buds into an over-drive.

Next up we were served an one of a kind soup - Truffle scented provolone and leek soup with Ortolana and Feta Cheese. My experiences with Truffle were close to zero. But this soup was just enough for me understand the importance of Truffle and the reason behind it to be an essential part of Italian cooking. I have had experiences with Leek soup before which have been great, but this soup heads straight to the top of the list. The richness and the creaminess and the layer of flavour built by the different cheese was just sensational.

Following the soup we were served a thin crust pizza with heavenly flavours of cherry tomato, zucchini and mushrooms which was a delight. A drizzle of olive oil and a dash of parmesan cheese pushed the flavours even further.

Next came the Tomato and Chilli flavoured Papperdelle with seafood and mushroom sauce also the Tomato flavoured Tagliolini pasta tossed with fresh Basil sauce. Papperdelle served with Seafood might be the only miss of the night. It had a strong seafood aroma due to the shrimp, which was not evenly compensated by tomato. On the other hand the Tagliolini had the fresh basil aroma which worked splendidly with the roasted pine-nuts.

Moving along we were served with one of the best Beef Bolognaise Lasagna I have ever had. Taste just divine! This dish was filled with numerous pluses such as the thin lasagna sheets, brilliant beef bolognaise and the amazing  cheese which gave the crunchiness to the dish. Highly recommended. For the vegetarian friends there was the Cencioni with sweet Pepper sauce, which was again a stunner!

For the final main course we had an option between the Fish and the Chicken. Me being a solid seafood lover chose the Fish in Pistachio Crust with lemon caper sauce while the land lovers had the stuffed chicken. Appearances can be deceiving.

The chicken looked enticing while the fish looked dead on the plate. A sample of both changed my perception. Fish was a mouth watering while the chicken was pale in contrast. Nevertheless it still was a great dish. The Stuffed chicken was served with layers of potato which for an unassuming person can look like a puff pastry, but a more detailed look will help one decipher its terrific taste.

The veggie companions had a Zuchini and tomato timbale with balsamic reduction which was delightful as well. In between all this we had a sample of a Ravioli of sorts filled with different varieties of Cheese. Drop it in your mouth and wait the flavours to explode - Symphony to the Taste Buds!

Finishing of this fantastic meal we had the Chocolate Lasagna with Ice Cream and Luca's Tiramisu. Chocolate Lasagna, Yes!!! you read it right. It was genuinely something different. I was expecting a bitter dark chocolate lasagna to be compensated with sweet vanilla, but that was not the case. It was a different approach which was nice. While the Luca Tiramisu is the best tiramisu I have ever had. Period! A deconstructed version in which the ladyfingers have been replaced with a soft cake and the coffee flavour added by means of a rich espresso drizzle on top.

The entire meal showcased the advantages of fresh ingredients and Chef Luca's preparation techniques. On a side note Chef had pulled out a meal fit for the Kings!! and he is just 27 years of age. What have I accomplished in the last 27 years... Yikkeees!

Typical Prego affair with style, class and lot of panache.

A meal for two should be possible for around Rs 2500/- and upwards depending the spread which is ordered.

Festa Della Pasta is on from the 10th of July to 19th of July.

Disclaimer : Invited review.

Prego is located inside Taj Coromandel on Nungumbakkam high road.

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