TGI Friday's, Ramee Mall

Met my school friends after Iftar recently.  I Introduced them to some Muslim food stuffs such as Nombu Kanju and Haleem. Post the small snack we headed over to Double Roti at around 8pm hoping to get a seat. One look at the crowd waiting at Double Roti, we knew it was not going to happen. So we contemplated on other options and headed over to TGI Friday's at Ramee Mall.

We walked in to the restaurant through the mall which was mostly deserted. The only other shop to be functioning in the mall, was TASMAC elite. Anyways we entered the restaurant and found hardly 3 tables occupied, which did not deter us as we just wanted to have a go at TGIF.

After a long look at the menu we settled on Ultimate Fridays Nachos (veg) and Spicy Chicken Wings (12 pcs). Nachos were served with monstrous load of toppings from black lentils, cheddar cheese, tomatoes to chillies. I was afraid that the toppings would make the nachos loose their crispiness, but that was not the case and it tasted just alright.

While the Spicy Chicken Wings had the flavours of Atomic Chicken Wings of Gallopin Gooseberries licked. My God! I would have definitely had atleast 4 of the 12 pieces. To quench our thirst we ordered Virgin Mojito and Strawberry Lemonade which were fine. Sadly the other mock-tails on the menu were not available.

For mains I picked the Ultimate Jack Daniels Tenderloin Burger - minus the bacon, while my friends had the Half Rack of Texas Spiced Ribs, Jack Daniels New York Steak and Shrimp and finally a Miami Cubano Chicken Stack - minus the bacon.

I had huge expectations for their signature burger but I have to say it left me disappointed. First I did not like the bun as it absorbed all the juice and began to break away. Secondly  tenderloin, though being soft and large, had a funny taste which could be down to Jack Daniels Sauce, which was sweet. The only redeeming points were the fries and the Cajun crusted onion rings. I skipped having the Texas Spiced Ribs and had a bit of the other two mains.

The Jack Daniels New York Steak and Shrimp was by far the star dish. The Jack Daniels sauce complemented the preparation of the chicken and the crispy fried shrimp was fantastic and the mashed potatoes it came with was simply smooth.

Finally the Miami Cubano Chicken Stack which was breaded chicken breasts with cheese, mushroom and lemon sauce  was served with Paella rice  The lemon with the breaded chicken was the kicker. It was fantastic. But the same cannot be said about Paella rice which was more like a lemon rice with tomato garnish. My friends who consumed the Texas Ribs were singing praises about the softness of the meat and taste.

I think this could be one of the places were one would get a table easily as the mall was not a happening place to attract people. Thankfully the ambiance is quite nice. But a nightmare to click decent foodshots.

Quick, clean and efficient.

I went through the bill split up just to have look at the way they had charged us. Our total bill was Rs 5001/- of which food cost us Rs 3801/- while the rest went away as various taxes and service charge. Shocking. But we paid and walked away. Would I try again, just maybe.

Food - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 6.5/10

Disclaimer : I paid for the meal.

TGI Friday's is located inside Ramee Mall on Teynampet.

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