Snacking has become part of the culture we live in today. Gone are the days were parents treat kids to Indian savoury food items. Nowadays all I see kids binging on are Chips and Tortillas and Nachos. Average Indian kid seems to be more well versed with unhealthy supermarket style snacks and rather than native food. This list of people affected by this lifestyle should include me as well.

But on occasions when I get the chance, I do enjoy our native food stuffs such as Mixture, Ribbon Pakkoda. All nice fried items which can be unhealthy when had in large quantities.

Recently I have had the chance to sample the GoodFud.co's tasty box thanks to its founders. Brilliant taste sampling box which contained Millet Thatai, Ragi Ribbon Muruku, Millet Cookies and finally Multi Grain Laddu. All regular native items prepared with a healthy twist. Millet seems to be forgotten hero in this day and age which has been utilised quite brilliantly to put up some tasty items. Also on a side note for people allergic to Gluten, can enjoy these treats thanks to the saviour MILLETS!

My pick from this sample box was the Millet Cookies, which was tasty and at the same time it could be considered healthy. Apart from it the Millet Thatai and Ragi Ribbion Muruku were good. A word of mention would be for the Thatai as I had made the food shots a day earlier and had forgotten to replace them back in the air tight packs they were supplied in. I had my doubts the following day when I had sampled em for the crispiness, but they retained a decent amount of crispiness which needs to lauded. Finally the biggest plus was the date of expiry being mentioned on these food stuffs which I have seen to be missing in these kind of food stuffs which have been prepared the conventional method.

Kudos to the people behind this venture for bringing healthy foods right to the doorstep.

If you wish to order a tasty box head over to www.goodfud.co and pick your box right away.

Disclaimer - Sample sent by the founders

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