Copper Kitchen, Saligramam - Iftar Pack 2015

My 2nd Iftar Pack for this Ramadan season was from Copper Kitchen. Picked this one up from their Saligramam outlet. They have retained the design of the box from 2013, which was quite nice to begin with.

Moving to the box contents.

Grape Juice - 1
Bottle Water (200ml) - 1
Haleem - 1
BBQ Chicken - 1
Mutton Biryani - 1
Chicken Kothu parotta - 1
Dates - 2
Assorted Fruits - 1
Kheema Samosa - 1
Kheema Roll - 1
Raita - 1
Gulab Jamun - 1

The box is priced at Rs 199/- net

First this box has had some items deleted from it since the 2013 and hence the mark down on the price. At Rs 199/- it was fantastic value for money for the dishes it is loaded with.

The positives first. I loved the Grape Pulp Juice. It was fantastic. Absolutely refreshing! The Haleem was really nice and almost comparable to the Sea Shells Haleem. The quantity served in the box is quite less, but never the less it was tasty. Also a huge improvement over their previous attempts. BBQ chicken was juicy and tasty.

Kheema Roll and Samosa were decent in-spite of it being a little dry. Chicken Kothu Parotta had loads of flavour, but sadly I could not consume more than a few spoonfuls as it was spicy hot. I strongly believe they should reduce the spiciness of the Kothu Parotta as consuming spicy food at the time of Iftar is quite difficult.  Finally the finishing touches with Gulab Jamun was quite nice.

My only gripe with this Iftar box was their Mutton Biryani which was way off the mark. It tasted more like ginger rice.

Smaller but significant touches which I liked were the small fork given for consuming the assorted fruits and also separate pack containing cutlery, tomato ketchup, paper tissue, toothpick and mouth freshener.

This box is fit for a consumption by a single person only. But for the price it is well worth it.

Food - 8/10
Price - 8.5/10

Disclaimer : I paid for the meal.

Copper Kitchen Saligramam is located diagonally opposite to Prasad Studios.

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