Friends Restaurant, Karaikudi

Wish there is a guide like Zomata for small towns as well. If there was one like that I would have quite clearly stayed clear of this restaurant. Yes the only chance to dine out at Karaikudi was ruined all thanks to Friends Restaurant. This restaurant came highly recommended by a friend of mine who had dined over a year ago but I guess the restaurant has taken a dive for the worse.

It was a Sunday and we entered the restaurant around 2pm and were waiting to place our order. Meal started off with a disappointment when the waiter said it is closing time and not all the dishes were available. Since we were really hungry and did not want to hunt for another joint we went ahead and ordered our meal.

7 Chicken Biryani
2 Scrambled Eggs
2 Prawn 65
1 Prawn Pepper Fry
1 Crab Pepper Masala
1 Fish Fry
2 Chicken 65
1 Meals
2 Bottles of Water
2 Bottles of 500ml Pepsi

We wanted Mutton Biryani which they informed  us, was over. So we swapped it for Chicken Biryani. When the Biryani was served it was really cold, they didn't even make an attempt to heat 'em up before service. This really put us all off. Next Carb Masala did not feel really fresh. Scrambled Eggs and the Prawn 65 were the only saving grace, were decent.

Meals service was totally disappointing as the rice was dead cold and we had to keep calling them to serve rice and gravy.

It looked pretty decent, but they definitely need to maintain it in a better manner.

They had only one waiter manning 4 tables. The worst bit was, he used his hands to serve the fish off from the plate and after a while had the same hand scratch his head. I was totally disgusted.

The meal for nine of us cost Rs 2980/-, not worth a single penny.

Food - 4/10
Ambiance - 4/10
Service - 1/10
Price - 1/10

Disclaimer : I paid for the meal

I have no clue where it is located. I had used Google Maps.

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