Galouti King, Harrington Road

I am a sucker for Galouti Kebabs. If a restaurant has it on the menu, then I need to sample it. Such is my love for Galouti Kebab! I had recently come across a post on a social media forum about Galouti King located in Harrington Road. The description went on to say a lot about it. Light Bulb!!! I just had to relish it.

They have a fairly small menu, in which chicken and mutton Galouti in both Mumbo and Jumbo sizes were included. Since Mutton Galouti is the true one between the two, I went with it. As I like super size, I picked the Jumbo one as a take away. 5 mintues flat the Galouti Kebab was ready as a wrap and ready to go. Zoooom!!! I reached home took a few clicks. Wrap was quite warm even after I was done clicking the pictures.

Now about the Galouti itself,  I was disappointed! The good news ends with the aroma and the size. Bad bits start off with the Saffron Roti which was thick and mildly chewy. Next I was expecting the meat to melt in my mouth which it did not and it needed a little muscle work. Finally I wanted the wrap to be juicy which definitely was not. Maybe a dash of chutney will help this cause. But the meat being hard cannot pass off as a Galouti as it kills the essence. Call it a Katti Roll!!!

I would like to give the benefit of the doubt to them as I had a take away . I wish to see how it fares in a dine. But I am still skeptical as my commute plus  taking photos would not have crossed 15 mins at the max.


Quite quick and Friendly!!

I paid Rs 300/- for two Jumbo sized Mutton Galouti Wraps. For the price the size was quite substantial but definitely need to improve on the quality.

Food - 5.5/10
Ambiance - NA
Service - 8/10
Price - 7/10 ( based only on the size and not on the taste)

Disclaimer : I paid for the meal.

Galouti King is located inside Cuckoo Club Diner on Harrington Road which is next doors to Costa Coffee.

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