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It has been a while since I had ordered from Foodycall. Burning mid-night oil meant feeling really hungry in the wee hours of the day. So I had a chance to order. Also the recent drop in quality meant, I was hunting for new night food delivery options. But then I decided to give them a second chance.

My usual order, Chicken Club Sandwich and a Chicken Steak Burger. I decided to fine tune the order, I instructed them specifically not to add the sauce on the burger thus helping the meat retain its tasty pepper flavour and not make the bun soggy. Maybe next time I will ask them to caramelise the onions, rather than raw onions which should make the burger one awesome one.

The loss in quality might have been a temporary one. The burger was spot on. Having made them serve the sauce separately only helped enhance the taste of the burger and made the chicken dominate the burger. While the chicken club sandwich was usual fare. My advise would be to add caramelised onions rather than the plain onions which would definitely help build on the flavours.

Time elapsed from the time of order at 2:00am was 45mins. Pretty fast service I must say.

The burger and the sandwich cost me Rs 420/-

Food - 8/10
Service - 9/10
Price - 8/10

FoodyCall is a home delivery joint, which starts functioning from 7pm to 5am.

For home delivery call - 044 - 42384444 or you can look it up at www.foodycall.in

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