Tovo Infusions, R. K. Salai

Heading to two different restaurants back to back for the same meal puts many things into perspective. I have heard club hopping, but restaurant hopping? That is what the night was all about. I have heard different opinions about this restaurant, Tovo Infusion and I concluded from all the chatter, that it was - different! To put this term 'different' to rest, I decided to dine here with a bunch of foodies.

This was the second and final stop for the evening. After the first restaurant we went to that night, not being able to hit the mark, we walked in a bit hungry to Tovo and also in the mood experiment. We decided to start the meal with Rice Crepes with Chilli Garlic. I think they need to highlight the term CHILLI! It was unbelievably spicy.

We then decided to split a Smooth and Soft Chicken with Original Buttery infusion sauce, Hyderabadi Spice as regional topping and finally top notch seasonal topping. Also a Gourmet Buns chicken with Tangy Cheese and Herbs infusion sauce, Mogul Laces as regional topping and high seasonal topping. Smooth and soft chicken was too good. But I could barely feel the heat in the dish after the rice crepes aka chilli dosa. Nevertheless the chicken was too good.

Finally enter the Gourmet Bun that is, Burger!!!!!! - Best burger in town - Hands down! To put things to perspective, I have a sufficient mouth opening to take a bite out of Bili bunter burger at Gallopin Gooseberries. This burger with 2 hands working I could hardly make one bite. This burger is so big it will give other burgers a complex. I think that enough description about the burgers size. Taste was on a whole different level. Perfect Buns, Cheese, Egg and finally the winner the fantastic lip smacking chicken. I would sure love to see a burger which would challenge this burger. For now I am head over heels with this burger.

After the sensational burger we had a Butterscotch with Praline shake just to have small dessert kind of finish to the meal.

Again this was classy. Black ceiling mated to contemporary furniture, where less is more.

Top - Notch.... By the way I loved the chap who served us - Karthi. He was really cool in explaining how Tovo works for us 1st timers.

The price of the meal was Rs 880/- Superb pricing for a fantastic meal.

Food - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 9/10
Service - 9/10
Price - 8/10

Tovo infusion is located in R.K. Salai opposite to Hotel Savera.

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