Jonah's Bistro, Besant Nagar

Dining at Jonah's Bistro has been on the cards for a while now. Only problem was it never materialised. So last Sunday I put the wait to an end. Took my cousin over for a sumptuous dinner. Getting a confirmation from my cousin was a pain, so we walked in without any reservations. We entered Jonah's a little past 9pm only to see the place jam packed. So we put down our number for reservations and took a short stroll. We get back to the restaurant by 9:30pm and vola we got our seats.

Since we were really hungry by then, we wasted no time in ordering the food. For starters we ordered Turkey Bacon and Grilled Chicken Wrap and Panko Fried Chicken. For the mains we picked Beef Burger, Chicken Burger and finally a Chicken Parmigiana. The Turkey Bacon and Grilled Chicken wrap was the first to arrive. It was served along with veggies on the side. The dish was slightly on the sweeter side. A dash of the Tobasco sauce and it was good to go. I would have loved to see this dish served with different sauce rather than the veggies. Next up was the Panko Fried Chicken. It was straight up dish. Crispy and tasty. Of course the spicy mayo complimented the dish in a fine way.

Moving to our mains, the burgers were a big let down for us. We expected a proper juicy, greasy and messy burger, but we ended up with burger which was more to a gentleman's taste. Later we found out that Jonah's serves  european style burgers. But they were more than happy to offer me the kind of burger I was looking on the house, the next time I was there. So I would like to reserve my judgement on the burger. Finally the Chicken Parmigiana was perfect. I had built up this idea in my mind as to how it should taste. I must say it was spot on. Fresh fabulous cheese on a bed of proper chicken filler and tasty Neapolitan sauce. Every element of the dish complemented and helped make a great dish.

On finishing our mains, we looked around, and we were tempted by the Strawberry Cheesecake, so we ordered one, and then we were informed about waffles and my jaw dropped. So we ordered for waffles with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. First the cheesecake was simply decadent. Just when I thought, that nothing could beat this dish dessert, we served with the waffles. This took things to a whole different level. The waffle was warm, soft and ........ the maple addition was pure symphony plus the vanilla ice cream was a total game changer. A dessert with so many layer on which it is built on. An absolute must have.

It is simple bistro which should dine anywhere between 30-40 people at a time.

Kind and courteous. But I definitely felt, they had there hands full on this day.

We were charged Rs 1780/- for this meal for two.

Food - 8/10 (excluding the burger)
Ambiance - 7.5/10
Service - 7/10
Price - 7/10

Jonah's Bistro is located in Besant Nagar on top of Sri Krishna Sweets.

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