Cuckoo Club Diner, Harrington Road

There is usually a part 2 for movie... But prequels are rare. This meal at Cuckoo Club Diner was the prequel to most fabulous burgers at Tovo Infusion of which I had written in a previous post. A meet with a bunch of foodies, means one thing, we were sure to try most dishes on the menu. Since we guys had not meet up in a while, we decided to try this new restaurant.

We started off with a Garlic Pretzel which was served with smooth buttery mayo. Simple soft and tasty pretzel.

We  scrolled around menu for a while, hunting for a non-veg starter but finally we settled for a veg starter,  Zucchini fries served with ketchup. We were pretty sure we made the right choice. It was coated with crumbs, crispy and was deadly. Loved biting into it. This was the stage till which I really loved the dinner here. It wasn't like the mains were bad. But they were just okay.

The foodies with me chose the Mini Bagel Beef Burger and Cajun Ettofee Chicken while I had the Country Fried Chicken Steak with Cuckoo sauce. The mini burger was just okay. I was again expecting a juicy burger, it was more or less there. The meat was great, buns were fine. But somehow the overall feel was just okay.

My Country Fried Chicken Steak was served with Cuckoo sauce, which I thought would be some kind personalised sauce which only turned out to be thousand island sauce. Also the presence of the sauce was just too less for the entire dish. Though the chicken fillets were fried well, they just did not stand out. Finally the Cajun Ettofee Chicken served with rice was the soul saviour. The dish was loaded with ettofee sauce which I loved and the cajun infusion was nice. Overall the entire meal seamed just about okay.

Fine looking garden kind of decor outdoors. Cuckoo clocks brimmed indoor dinning gave the place a rich appearance. Guys beware if you plan to take your girlfriends here keep your wallets stuffed because the place is brimmed with gift items.

We were the only ones to dine..... So not judging it....

The price of this meal for three was Rs 1374/- which we felt was on slightly expensive side for the just okayish food served.

Food - 6.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - NA
Price - 6/10

Cuckoo Club Diner is located in Harrington Road right next doors to Costa Coffee.

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