The Bistro Story, Gopalapuram

It's becoming increasingly hard to keep track of the restaurants and cafe's opening up in Chennai. One of the most recent entrant into this space is the The Bistro Story. The formation of this place is a story by itself. Created by 3 college friends funded by their raw passion for food and beverages. This puts a interesting spin to the place.

I entered the joint, late one evening and eagerly waited for the arrival of my friends. But as I waited I decided to sip on some coffee. My choice beverage plus a running nose made me choose the Cafe Latte. A dash of demerera sugar, a few stirs and wola!!! it was ready. Nice deep aroma with a rich earthy flavour, just the way I would like. Just as I got done with my drink, my friend entered with the words hunger and passi! He took the waiters sugestion and picked the Red Curry flavoured Chicken Burger with Hot Chocolate, while I ordered the Grilled Smoked Chicken Panini and we picked a Crispy Farm Cheese Parcel. While we waited for the dishes to arrive, my friend's drink arrived. He did like his drink, but he wished it had a extra dose of chocolate. 

The next to be served was the Crispy Farm Cheese Parcel. It was a gooey cheese packed into a parcel with filo pastry served along the side with chili chutney and green salads. It is best had when it is pipping hot.

The Red Curry Flavored Chicken Burger and Grilled Smoked Chicken Panini were served together. I did not get to sample my friends burger. But I just watched the juice flow right out of it when he took his first bite. I must say, that was the first time I had a Foodgasm!! The Smoked Chicken Panini was a world apart. I have had so, so so many smoked chicken sandwiches, infact I pick smoked chicken sandwich over the others. This sandwich was by far the best I have had at a cafe. It is on par with the 1000 bucks sandwiches served at big joints. One minor grouse, I really do hope they shift to homemade potato fingers. Both these dishes were served with a chutney of sorts and finger chips. The burger had a bonus of onion rings. I am most definitely going back for the burger. Can't wait for another foodgasm!!

We were also offered a complimentary Sticky Dates Pudding. It was quite delicious, but we both were quite stuffed to even dig any further.

Tucked in cloistered road. I am pretty sure finding this place could be difficult. The Google Maps has this place spot on, so go ahead and use it. The cafe has 6 parking spaces as well, so no worries  about parking your vehicle. On entering the cafe, the open kitchen concept shows where most of the money was spent and I am darn sure that they have done the right thing here. The place can seat 30 people at a time. Decor is simple but utilitarian.

The cafe is maned by a single person, but apart from that, the 3 friends who joined to create such a venture are here to take care of the rest.

The pricing is on the moderate side. The meal cost us Rs 850/- Best bang for the buck I would say.

Food - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 8/10

After finishing the meal we went about chit chatting with the owners, listening to their story. Now I do understand the story behind The Bistro Story!

The Bistro Story is located in Gopalapuram on the road right next to Axis Bank.

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