Tiffin Bar, Alila, Whitefield, Bangalore

I have always felt that the food scene in Bangalore is better than Chennai. Loads happening, new concepts tried out and people are ready to aceept the new concepts. Chennai is far conservative but is slowly beginning to open its doors to new culinary ideas. On one of my visits to Bangalore I got to dine at the Alila Tiffin Bar for a lovely live BBQ dinner.

The food spread was huge, with different counters and a live grill right next to marinated items. 5 different counters each representing a different location of the world. A good mix to show the unity among the different regions of the world. There was a ALL VEG counter with atleast 10 items to please the vegetarians who come to the buffet. I skipped that section and moved ahead to the rest of the spread. The next on line was Asian ( Chinese & Korean ) which had 6 items for the non-vegetarians and 4 for the veggies which was the same at the Western, Arabic and the Indian counters. Except for the Indian, the other three had Beef and Pork.

I just could not decide which spread I liked the most. My favorite of the lot was the Lamb Ribs and Beef Grilled from the Western section. From the Arabic board, the pita bread was just divine. Add it with a little of the grilled chicken and Hummus it was a an absolute decadance. The Indian delicacies had the usual subjects such as the Chicken Tikka, Hariyali Kebab....

If you are a sucker for the BBQ dishes like me, you would love it. Everything was fabulous. I would most definitely recommed this to all.

Set outdoor in the lovely garden of the hotel and the Bangalore weather was a huge plus at 19 degrees. I doubt the 19 degree outdoor ambiance can be replicated at Chennai, but I sure wish the rest is.

It is more like buffet where we need to walk to respective counters and order what we desire. It was most definitely in line with most star hotels.

This stunning BBQ feast is priced at Rs 1100/- for a person which includes your choice of Alcoholic beverage is worth every buck. Lucky for us, one of my friend had discount card which knocked 30% off the bill. Yaay!!! for us

Food - 9/10
Ambiance - 9/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Hotel Alila is located in Whitefield.

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