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Hollywood has come to Chennai! Sorry for the confusion. The food loved by the Hollywood stars are here in Chennai as a part of the menu at California Pizza Kitchen. The hollywood menu is really small with only a selection of dishes. This special menu is on upto March 16th. This is my first visit to California Pizza Kitchen here in Chennai. My previous visit was to an outlet in Bangalore. Personally I feel that the Bangalore outlet is more upmarket than the Chennai outlet.

First to be served was the Hawaiian Pineapple and Chicken Pizza. Guess this pizza has crossed many borders, because I very distinctly remember the 1st ever pizza I had was the Hawaiian pizza at Pizza Deli many many years ago. This pizza was simply delicious in its tradiontal crust. The next pizza to arrive was the Jamaican Jerk and Chicken Pizza. I wonder how Jamaican figures in a Hollywood menu? Anyway it was flavorful and tasty. Next was the Deli Styled Bistro Pizza. I skipped this pizza as it contained Pork in it. People who had it were raving about it. Then came the only Veg Pizza on the menu Rustica Pizza on a thin crust. I felt really felt bad seeing the vegetatrians waiting for their pizza, that I decided to let them eat in peace. Finally came the Spicy Sonora Pizza, which we all loved. Infact we asked for another helping of the same. 

The next course was the Pastas. The first to be served was the  Spaghetti Carreterra which is actually a Veg Pasta cooked in Chicken Broth making it a non-veg dish and a dash of crushed pepper finally a handful of Fresh Mozzerlla. The pasta was stunning inspite of lacking pieces of meat. Next was the Mediterranean Roasted Mushroom Spaghettini which was a proper veg dish. But this was the only disapointing dish of the day. It lacked depth of flavor and seemed like a simple overload of Olive Oil. I may not be the best to judge this dish, as some could like it.

After the pasta course was the speciality round. First to be served was the California Peri Peri Chicken. This was a boneless grilled chicken with a good helping of CPKs own version of Peri-Peri sauce. Peri-Peri is known to be a Portuguese item, but this own twist was great Infact I licked the plate clean of the sauce. An absolute must have! Finally for the veggies, they were served a Spinach and Paneer Malfati with Milan sauce, which is actually spinach and paneer dumplings served along with corn. It was soft and every bit divine.

Finally to finish off the meal was a star studded Chocolate Mousse which was simply fantabulous.

From a non-veggies point of view the menu is simply stunning, but for the veggies it leaves big void which needs to be filled. The menu is a mix of dishes from various parts of the world. Guess thats what  best describes the mixed bowl which California is. In my book I would rate the food with top marks.

Comparing the ambiance between the CPK at Bangalore and Chennai, one would clearly see the difference. CPK Bangalore is more upmarket than Chennai's outlet.

Each dish on the special Hollywood menu is priced at around Rs400 to 500. So a meal for two should about Rs2000/-

California Pizza Kitchen is located inside Phoenix Market City in Velachery

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