Paprika, Courtyard Marriott, Anna Salai - Eggs-Xcellent Menu

Courtyard Marriott has introduced a new short eat - short time menu at Paprika for the beer lovers called Eggs-Xcellent Menu priced at Rs 350+taxes. You get to choose any dish from a selection of 10 eggy delights and a big mug of beer to go with.

This short eat menu maybe available upto 31st of March so go on and treat yourself to some tasty eggs.

We got to sample a small platter from the menu of 10.
My pick of the lot were the
- Egg Pakoda
- Egg Salt and Pepper
- Bread Chutney Omlette.

The concept of eggs and beer definitely seem to have captured the desire of the South Indian loving to have eggs with their "DRINKS" and taken it to whole another level. So do check this out.

Courtyard Marriott is located on Anna Salai.

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