Shogun, OMR

After calorie burning laps in my uncle's ECR house, swimming pool, I headed out with my family to one of my favorite Chinese restaurant during my childhood, Shogun. During my childhood, I can only remember eating at Shogun, Wangs Kitchen and Mandarin. So this visit to Shogun after a very long time, brought back many fond memories. We sat down in a nice cozy spot.

My bro was the person behind the food orders for the day. He picked a Sweet Corn Chicken Soup for himself and his wife. Whereas I had ordered Manchow Soup to share with my Mom. I felt the Manchow soup was a bit salty. After adding a few drops of Tomato sauce, it tasted better. I did not get to taste the sweet corn soup, but from what I heard from my bro it too was on the salty side. With soups being salty, we braved through the other dishes.

Bro had ordered 2 portions of Crispy Lamb and a portion of Dragon Chicken. My moms love for crabs, made her place a order for pepper crab dry. The Crispy Lamb tasted, Yum!!! and the two portions vanished from the table in a matter of seconds. The Dragon Chicken was a touch too spicy. I always thought dragon chicken  was supposed to be a mildly spicy dish, but this dish was very much spicy. Last but not the least, we were served the Crab. The crab was  not up to the mark. It  had an odd odor to it, like it had been in storage for a couple of days.

For the main course, my bro had ordered for Singapore Chicken Noodles and Hong Kong Chilli Chicken. The combination of Chilli Chicken and the noodles was really perfect. The Chilli Chicken was mild spicy and complemented the noodles very well. The portions of the food served are quite large, so a family of four can eat to their hearts content rather easily. The interiors of the restaurant was red and simple, with dim lights.

Food - 5.5/10 ; (Leaving the soup and crab) 7/10.
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 6.5/10
Price - 8/10

Shogun is located in Thoraipakkam,OMR, in the same premises as Amaravathi. Shogun is also located in other places around Chennai.

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