California Pizza Kitchen, Phenoix Market City, Bangalore

Bangalore seems to be considerably better than Chennai  for they have  a better climate, better eatouts, better clothes collection. I can keep going on. But they lose out in IPL and we mostly don't.  Leaving cricket aside, Bangalore is one the city to go to, if you want to have a good time.

I was at  Bangalore's California Kitchen in Phenoix Market City, for lunch. The place had a lovely rustic ambiance, with stone wall kind of finish. The place seemed easily a 100 seater. One other thing which seemed awesome about Bangalore, was that  they serve liquor in all the restaurants, and this place too, did so.  I, being a teetotaler, skipped the liquor. By the way, the picture above is cafe latte and not beer!

Since I was eating alone, I settled for an Original BBQ Chicken Pizza on Thin Crust and Cafe Latte. Pizza on the thin crust was more like chapatti with toppings. Cheese broke away easily and it did not stretch out in a strand on picking up a slice. The meat too was not sufficient on the pizza. The BBQ flavor was strong, but the pizza was a little on the sweeter side. The thin crust pizza is nothing compared to what you get at Frescas or Tuscana.

I took the same BBQ Chicken Pizza and Chicken Asada on regular crust, as a take away. The BBQ Chicken Pizza tasted better on the regular thick crust. The Chicken Asada had a nice amount of cilantro to it, and tasted a bit spicy compared to the BBQ Pizza.  So if you are heading here to have a pizza, get the regular crust one.

The 3 Pizzas put me back by Rs 1600/- . The pizzas seemed to be priced similar to most pizza joints, but the taste can be a hit and a miss. So its up to you to decide.

Food - 7/10
Service - 7/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Cost - 7.5/10

California Pizza Kitchen is located in Phenoix Market City in Whitefield Bangalore.

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