Copper Kitchen, Porur

Eating out with friends are fun, but this place we friends went to, was too good. We were a gang of 8 people who went out for lunch and the place we went to, was Copper Kitchen at Porur. After hearing about this place a couple of times from Karuna Karan and Nishant of CFG ( Chennai Food Guide ), I wanted to try out this place. When the opportunity arrived, I decided that we head over there.

We were all quite hungry after some really boring classes in the afternoon, as we headed to Copper Kitchen. There was a bit of searching for this place, as I had no clue as to where it was situated. As soon as we managed to locate it, we made a beeline for the A/C section of the restaurant. 

I placed the order rather quickly. I ordered  a Baby Corn Manchurian for the only vegetarian in our gang, followed by Dragon Chicken, Golden Fried Prawns, Dry Fried Chicken ( Malabar Style ) and a Tandoori Chicken. I must say these starter vanished off the table in no time.  For a table of seafood lovers there was just one seafood dish which resulted in it disappearing within a second. The prawns were fresh and juicy. The dough used for frying made it really crispy. Dry fried chicken was rather dry, just as the name mentioned about it. The chicken was cooked to perfection and it was soft. Only 2 pieces for a table where eight are seated meant, this too vanished immediately. One of the dishes which we relished was the Tandoori Chicken. The chicken was soft and full flavoured, making it really tasty.

After some lip smacking starters, we headed into the main course with contentment and big smiles on our faces. We decided to get a Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani for the Biriyani lovers. The Biriyani's taste was decent. We also ordered for Rumali Roti for all and Butter Chicken Masala, Mutton Rogan Josh and a Egg Masala. The Rumali roti was soft and easy to tear. The Butter Chicken Masala looked rich with loads of butter in it, but the was just decent. The Mutton Rogan Josh was not a very authentic dish, but this was sweet mutton with loads onions in it. This somehow did seem to work and it tasted savory. I did not try the Egg Masala as I am allergic to boiled egg. Lastly we ordered a Reshmi Kebab. The chicken was served enclosed in a egg covering and a pudina chutney dip. The egg felt as though it was whipped for a very long time and the chicken was super tender and mildly spiced.

On getting done with the main course we contemplated on wether to have deserts or not and decided to have them anyway. We ordered for a Falooda and a Copper Kitchen Special. Both the deserts were sweet and yummy. Two deserts for eight people resulted in people fighting for the deserts and them getting over quickly.

The meal for eight costs 1950/-, which is unbelievable value, in this day. A superb value for money restaurant for the middle class people.

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price 8/10

Copper Kitchen is located on Arcot road next to Porur signal.

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