Kebab Street, Landons Road

Kebab Street is the newly opened restaurant at Landons Road, Kilpauk. I was here with a few members of Chennai Food Guide for a CFG meet. This is a kebab joint with a difference. The restaurant has a self service counter,where  we place the orders and the food is served at the table, just like in cafe coffee day. Also the food is served in disposable boxes instead of on plates.

We started off with a Rose Lassi. The Lassi was thick and heavy. The rose flavour felt like it was imparted by Rooh Afza. There was also a plain Lassi which we tried out. Then we were given a box which contained a roti and a assortment of kebab. The roti was soft and tasted great with the kebab. The Cheese and Malai kebab was very tasty, the cheese was oozing out, and it imparted a different flavour to it. The Mutton Sheek Kebab was another stand out item in this box. The mutton was tender and well cooked giving it a very royal taste. There was also a Panner stuffed with beet root. The Panner was a bit tough and the beet root bought back memories of another instance when we had had something like this.  While we were demolishing the contents of the box, we were served with the shawarmas. The shawarmas served here are different. They come wrapped in roti instead of thick pita bread. Also it is not stuffed with vegetables and sauce. There is right amount of chicken with a balanced amount of sauce. Since they are better and different, I advocate it.

After some delicious food in the box number 1, we were given the 2nd box. This box contained various chicken items. The stuffed Tangri Kebab, looked a bit different, some thing which I have never had before. The chicken was stuffed with minced chicken. Definitely a different take on the regular kebab. Then there was a Grilled Chicken and a Pepper Grilled Chicken. Both the chicken were a bit dry for my taste. Also present was a Mutton kebab, which was too small a portion for me relish or distingush the flavour.

For the vegetarians who accompanied us, there was a Jeera Rice with Dhal and Butter Naan with Panner Butter Masala. The combination of Jeera Rice and Panner was fabulous. Me not being a big fan Dhal avoided it. For the non-vegetarians we had Chicken Biriyani and Butter Naan with Tawa Chicken and Butter Chiken Masala. Chicken Biriyani seemed ordinary, like the regular Biriyani which we get in most restaurants. But the Tawa Chicken was fabulous. It had a mild sweet flavour to it. The combo of Tawa chicken with butter naan was great.

Last but not the least we were served with a rich and a very heavy Keer. A fitting end to a very royal feast. The prices on the menu seem very sensible. The food portions also seemed proper. A meal for 4 would cost around Rs1200. Will I visit this place again. Yess!! I am a big kebab lover and also the place is very accessible to me.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 6/10
Price 7/10

Kebab Street is located in Landons Road, Kilpauk.

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