Zha Cafe, Porur - Cafe with a Difference

If you are a person who loves bhajji and bondas but  are just too scared to have them from a road side stall or a snack bar, do not worry. For  now you have an alternative, the  Zha Cafe!!  (pronounced lla ) at Adyar and Porur. I was at the Zha Cafe Porur with a couple of CFGians for a meet. We sat down in a rather cozy space with really short tables. It was almost like sitting on the ground. The owner was present there, to explain to us how she had got the concept to start such a cafe.

Firstly we were served with some snacks or short eats which you do not see in regular cafe. A dish full of peanuts aka Kadala. Which was followed by a dish containing butter biscuits, pori urandai, palli mittai and also my favourite jujups. Then there were some vaazaha poo vadai ( banana leaf ) and some other bhajjis and bondas. All these items which would have been oil rich, seemed  to be  less on oil, which I felt was good. Also we were served with a nice soft delectable sweet made of puffed rice or Aval.

Since this was a CFG meet we were served with various drinks. Among the drinks my order of preference would be panangalkandu milk, rose milk, nanari sarbath. There were also drinks called jalabulajungs and spoonlings, they were too sweet and to my taste.

If you are a fan of adhirasam, they have a version of it, with banana and honey glazed on it. The honey made it a little too sweet, the plain adhirasam would have been better. This was not all that we were served . We also had veg. Katti rolls, which was decent. Last but not the least in the South Indian food, we were served with Aadai and Vellum. The aadai was super spicy ( kara aadai ) which went well with the sweet vellum.

On the regular end of the spectrum we had chicken sausage salad & sandwich, chicken noodles, cheese nuggets and also chicken nuggets. All of these tasted delicious. But if you are looking for these kind of dishes, you are better off going to your regular CCD. The speciality dishes make this place a stand out cafe for people who are interested in trying something new. Lastly we were served with a home made kulfi, which had a hint of karpurum to it. A very different take to the regular kulfi, making it a South Indian dish.

The prices are very decent. A meal for two would cost about Rs400/-.

Food - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Price - 7.5/10

Zha cafe is located in Porur road after the shell petrol bunk in between Dominos Pizza and ICICI bank.

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