Parfait3, Kilpauk.

I know its becoming increasingly difficult for people to decide where to order cakes for Birthday Celebrations and other parties. There are so many options and the number  of bakeries are just increasing day by day. You get the regular commercial baker and there are also small time bakers who bake cakes from their homes and are willing to give it out for parties. In the olden days when you had a party and you wanted to order a cake, you had very few options. So it was easy. Decide the budget of the cake and then go to the shop and get your cake. If your budget was low you headed to Mc Rennett and little more budget you headed to Hot Breads & Cake Walk and if you had lot more then you had the cake shop of Taj. Simple and Easy to chose. Now there is a cake shop in every road. At times two or even three cake shops in road. Where do you head to?  I too was stuck in a similar dilemma when I wanted to order a cake for my brother's Birthday.

Since there is an increase in the  number of cake outlets, you have to decide how far you want to go to get your cake. With the amount of traffic increasing on road its advisable to go to a place which is close by if you are driving. Most places do have the delivery thingi. But  I feel there are chances you might ruin the surprise if by mistake, they happen to deliver the cake to the Birthday Baby himself. Yes it has happened to me. Given that I stay in Kilapuk, I have got quite a few options here. Hot Breads, Taj, Parfait3, French Loaf and  Jene Ferrer. I had narrowed it down to Parfait3 and French Loaf. The tipping point for me to go with Parfait3 was, I have started to like cakes they produce. I just love the Belgian Delight. The cake is so soft and moist and gooey. So i went ahead and ordered Rich Blueberry.

The cake was soft and moist. The taste of Blueberry was perfect. The important thing of all, was the presentation of the cake. It was  awesomely good. It tasted nice the next day as well.I am sure I will order  another cake from them when the occasion arises.

Taste - 10/10
Presentation - 9/10

Parfait3 is located in Manikeshwari Road in Kilpauk. They do have branches in Velachery, Anna Nagar and Thiruvanmiyur.

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  1. This is indeed one place i fell in love with.. everything on their menu is good.. wish they introduce other kinds of pancakes[apart from bananas, that is]

    Nice blog. Wasim mentioned you were his cousin and had taken up blogging.. i see lotta resemblences in blogging style.. :) keep sharing!