Spice Market, Hyatt Regency, Anna Salai.

Hi guys, Sorry I could not post a review for Spice Market since I fell sick. The more I saw pictures of Food, the more I got tempted. I had been to the Spice Market around a week before I fell sick with Jaundice, thats some time in early January for my Best Friends Birthday Treat. Noooo I did not fall sick due to the food, thats thanks to my work environment.

Spice Market is the place to go if you are  in the mood for Indian Food. The buffet is priced at Rs 999/- which I think is quite good seeing the amount of food which is available on the spread. Spice Market comes out and wows everyone. It has a good selection of drinks like the Rooaapsaaa and so on. There is also a counter for Chat Items. Most Chat Items available here are better than your regular Shree Mithai and Gangotri. So you get the picture !! There is a lot of stuff on offer for Rs 999/-. There have been times during my college days when I thought paying Rs 475/- for Barbeque Nation Buffet was too much. Now suddenly Rs 999/- seems alright to me. Since I don't consume any spirits I have no clue if it is offered along with the Buffet.

The way the food and the ambiance blend together is really nice. My personal way of actually going about this buffet will be, have a lot of Starters, have little of the Main Course, do try the Chat Items and then head over to the Dessert Counter. The Kebabs in the buffet are really juicy and succulent. From Panner to Chicken all seemed perfect. The Main course is bit dry. None of the dishes really did standout for me. They had a good selection of Chicken , Mutton, Fish and Beef. I did try the Biriyani just to get the feel of it. The Biriyani was okay by 5 Star standards but was a bit down by Muslim standards.

I did a grave mistake by stuffing myself with the Main Course. When I headed over to the Dessert counter I was moved to tears. The Dessert Section is the biggest I have ever come across. They have large assortments of pastries and awesome Cheese Cakes and Cream Brulee. One might think how Cream Brulee got into Indian food section. They did have the Gulab Jamuns and Jellabis. The Dessert section does leave one Flabbergasted.The sheer number of Ice Cream available can leave a regular Baskin Robbins outlet to shame. Maybe the next time I head over here, I will just have the Starter and head over to the Desserts.

If you guys head over here for your loved ones Birthday Celebrations be prepared as the Hotel does not allow you to use a Cake from outside and rather asks you purchase one from them.

To me the Starter and Desserts kicked @$$ where as the Main Course really did not stand out. Maybe thats just my perception. Anyways you guys will love the food here.

Food - 8/10.
Service - 9/10.
Ambiance - 9/10.
Price - 8/10.

Spice Market is inside Hyatt Regency which is next to DMK Party Office.

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