Arun Unlimited, Kilpauk

After a hard days work if you want to unwind with a nice fruit flavored no non-sense ice cream in your hand or you just want hang out with your buddies when your pocket is a bit tight, Arun Unlimited parlour is the place to be in. Arun has been in the ice cream industry for quite some time. But they kind of had a rough patch with the invasion of Kwality Walls into the mass ice cream foray in India. But in the past 2 to 3yrs they seem to have a come back of sorts with Arun Unlimited Outlets.

After an awesome dinner at Zaitoon everyone was keen on having an ice cream. Me with a sore throat was not so keen on having an ice cream but then we ended up heading to Arun for Ice Cream joint. It was worth the visit.  We had a blast.You get maximum bang for your buck here. With Rs 45/- for a single scoop. The Single scoop is much larger than the value scoop you get in Baskin Robbins. The variety available in an outlet is also large. With around 70 different flavors available, Arun Ice Cream can cater to a variety of sweet tooth people.

My personal favourites being Mango Ice Cream, Fresh Strawberry with Strawberry Sauce and Chocolate Chips and also Queens Dessert and my all time favorite in Arun being Swiss Almond with Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Chips. Whatever the flavour, they taste really good over here. Most Indian flavors like Kulfi , Kesar and Badam are very rich and royal. They have loads of toppings to go with your ice cream as well. It's a good place to go if you have family and especially if you have kids who hate to be in their best behavior on an outing.

Ice Cream - 8/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Price - 9/10

Arun Unlimited is located in Manikeshwari Road in Kilpauk. There are over 100 outlets in Chennai and also around 600 outlets in South India.

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