Sangeetha, OMR

Hi Guys. Feels really nice to come back and write a  review  after a long time. Noooooo i am not dead. Nor is the blog dead. I just had a dose of Jaundice. I am still in the process of recovery.  So I am slightly picky on what I eat. I have been told to avoid Chicken and Egg, which I am trying hard to obey. I wonder who got this idea that a person affected with Jaundice should not have Chicken. Anyways I am back on Fish, Prawns, Squid, Crab and Mutton. Just waiting for the day I can have chicken.

I think thats enough about me and my health. Moving on to the review.

We were returning on home from a relatives place on OMR. On our way my aunt wanted to have cup of tea. Bammmmm !! We saw Sangeetha Restaurant and we swerved  and rode right up to it.We entered the restaurant around 5pm. It was slightly crowded, still no trouble getting a place.  The place looked a bit more upmarket than the other Sangeetha's in the city. The place had nice wallpaper in brown and gold with LED ceiling lights, and of course a TV to watch the Cricket match.

The Menu was the same extensive menu which you see in all Sangeetha's Restaurant . The variety of Dosa's and Iddly and Sandwiches also the awesome fresh juices. I myself wanted to have a Dosa and settled to have Onion Podi Dosa with Vada Curry, my mom n sister in law decided to share, they ordered Potato Bajji and Mosambi Juice. My aunt saw a nice hot Bonda going to the next table. She decided that she'll have that. We all settled in for a cup of tea.

The Dosa was awesome with the variety of Chutney's and Sambar. The Vada curry was bit down on taste. I was expecting superior quality Vada Curry like ones I had in my friends house. This Vada Curry turned out to be oily, liquid, very small in portion and a bit bland too. Dosa itself was well done, crisp and thin which melts in your mouth. I am not a big fan of masala dosa. I hate it when Crisp (Muruval) Dosa goes soggy. The Onion and Podi in the Dosa was perfect, not to spicy but just the right amount. The Bonda was good, not exceptional. It was more like Methu Vada in round ball shape. The Potato Bajji was perfect. It was not oily, not very hot that we cant put it in our mouth. It tasted awesome along with Coconut Chutney. It tasted so good we thought we'll have another Potato Bajji. Sadly the 2nd set was not that great. Oily and little under cooked, also dint taste as good as the 1st set. Tea was similar to other Veg Restaurants. The tea was served in traditional daborah sets.

Food - 7/10
Service - 9/10 ( They stand right next to you most of the time. It can be annoying at times)
Ambiance - 8/10
Price - 9/10

Sangeetha is located approximately 5minutes from the OMR toll gate.

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