After having a awesome get together with my really large group of relatives on New Year's Eve. I headed off to Mahabalipuram for New Year's Lunch to get our seafood  taste buds tingling. I guess it was a wrong day to travel on the ECR. It was like driving in city traffic conditions while  on the dual carriage way. The traffic did not  to ease at all. Finally after a tiring drive we reached Moonrakers. Moonrakers was bloody crowded. So was the Blue Elephant which is opposite to Moonrakers.The Blue Elephant is also owned by Moonrakers Group. I ended up going to Anand' Moonrakers. The new joint started by them. It had some seating in it, so we entered it.This was the 1st time I was entering Anand's Moonrakers.

The order was simple. We had two plates of Fish, One plate of Prawn, One plate of Chicken, One plate of Crab on Tawa Masala. and also a Golden Fried Calamari. Except for the Calamari, the portions seemed to be really less when compared to the Original Moonrakers. Also i am guessing they tried too much on pleasing the drinkers. The Tawa Masala was Super Spicy. It was not palatable. The prawns, the chicken and the Crab came in really spicy. So i returned the Crab and i ended up with nicely washed crab, not that i was complaining. The crab was more palatable now. The fish way too small for a medium portion. It was skinny and over done. This resulted in a spicy crispy fish.

I liked the Golden Fried Calamari's batter. So maybe the next time I head over there I will order the batter fried Prawns. All in all the food was really spicy. With different chef in this branch it meant that the end result was also different. The food was not so great as the Original Moonrakers. So maybe the next time onwards i ll wait to get seated in the Original Moonrakers.

Dont expect anything great about the service nor about the ambiance. The products are usually fresh catches of that day. You can bargain with the them if you head as a large group. There is nothing called as Service Tax. So just head over there to enjoy the food.

Food - 7/10
Service - 6/10
Ambiance - 6/10
Price - 8/10

Moonrakers is located on Othaivada Street in Mahabalipuram

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