New Year 2012

    New Year is around the corner. We have our own ways of celebrating the New Year, either  with Friends or Family. Who ever you choose to be with, try to have a safe New Year. Thane Cyclone (Puyal) is also bringing loads of rain to Tamil Nadu. So my advice is drink responsibly and drive in a non-hooligan like manner.I cant say dont drink. No ones is going to listen to that.

There are so various places in the city where you can have an awesome New Year's Eve. I am just listing down a few places which are on my priority list.

1st up will be 5 Senses. I have been wowed by the quality of food served here.Yup i have not posted a review here about the place yet. Its a great place which has excellent ambiance and awesome food. Its a nice example of fine dining. The Pizza's served here are excellent and so are the lazagna. Lazagna i think i would order two. Not because it was amazing (it was amazing) the portions was bloody small for me.Leaving that aside this place has the best Mediterranean Food. 5 Senses is located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road. They charge you Rs2500 for a couple this New Year

2nd location which caught my fancy was the Burgundy's. I had tried this place in August when it had not opened up completely. The buffet spread was large with 7 non-veg and 8 veg main courses. Apart from which they had a Pizza's on the starter. Owned by the same people who own the Tuscana Pizzeria, you can expect awesome lip smacking food. The thing which caught my eye about the New Year plan was the buffet was priced at Rs 1600/- per person and the late night buffet at Rs 650/- between 12:30am - 2:00am. This would be my personal choice if i am jobless at this time.Burgundy's is located inside the Somerset in MRC nagar.

Finally the location I will be in  is Hotel Blue Diamond - Jewel Box Restaurant. Good family place where you could be in, for those who are not looking in for a Hip-Hop feel and not willing to blow a hole in your pocket. They serve amazing Turkey Biriyani, Turkey Roast and Turkey Masala.My personal favorite is Turkey Roast. I remember eating 3 of these apart from the biriyani last year and my cousins where like holy shiiizzzzzz!!!!!!They do have other things which you can try like the Sizzlers which  are really nice. Its a nice Indianized Sizzler which would suite our palates. Blue Diamond is located in E.V.R Periyaar Salai. 

There are many other places in town which have awesome ways to welcoming 2012, which ever place you head to have safe and awesome New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone who's reading this...... :))))))

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