The Farm, OMR

Today was a fun day for me. Right after eating at Shiraz Cafe we headed to The Farm situated in OMR. My mom had also come along with us and wanted to see the Mela held at The Farm. Once we entered The Farm we where asked to purchase coupons which we would be using over the various counter.

Then we where taken on a brief tour of The Farm, the restaurant. How it functions and all the blah blah was explained to us. To me the tour was like going back to my Dad's Native village. For Chennai grown children and people this place might be a heaven. To me it was no more than a small area in my village. The tour consisted of a visit to the dairy farm, vegetable farm and the horse stable. The Mela area as such had many attractions which should appeal to the children.

After a short tour of The Farm, we all wanted some food in our tummy. All the walking had caused digestion of the food which was stashed in our stomach.  We walked upto the Pizza stall seeing the giant wood fire oven. There are other stalls which are by shops which are located else where in Chennai.

The pizza was priced Rs60/- per piece which works out to Rs360 for 6 pieces of pizza or a full size pizza. The taste of the pizza was average. I guess i was expecting Tuscana kind of pizza for half the price. After that reached my head the taste seemed better.

There are various other counters present as well like the Chaat Counter, Burger Counter, Grill Counter, Cup Cake Counter and various other counters as well.

A word of Note about the Mela. The Mela is a good crowd puller that to with most schools winding to a close for winter vacations, parents looking for a good place to unwind and also help the kids get a 1st hand view of the village life and smell. I would love to get back to the place on a proper day and try to spend more time on the food.

Food - 6/10
Ambiance - 7/10
Service - 10/10 (Self Service )
Price - 7/10

The Farm Restaurant is located inside a by lane opposite to Times of India Office on OMR.

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