Tuscana Pizzeria,KNK Road

I have been wanting to go for  Christmas Lunch / Brunch for quite sometime and this time too I missed it., because i had to work today. I was really feeling bad that I could not have Lunch buffet in anyone of the numerous places which Chennai had to offer. I ended up eating my regular Sunday work lunch i.e. Subway.  I decided I will have a proper Dinner and went about checking the paper. One place which caught my eye was Fusion 9s Christmas Brunch. I called them up right away to find out if they had anything special in store for dinner. I was disappointed to know they had no plans. So i spoke to my friends and we made a call on going to Tuscana.

Tuscana...... I have been here a couple of times. Infact I came here only 4 days ago. I am loosing track of how many times I have been here. I just love the Pizzas here.The way they are made, the taste and everything is just amazing.

Now to the Food.... We went as a set of FOUR people. All of us equally capable of competing in ManVs Food. So we decided on ordering separate Main Courses for us.  For starters we ordered Focaccia al Pollo. This has been my regular starter for quite some time now. I just love the way its prepared. The bread with cheese and chicken and also the mushroom makes for a amazing dish. As if it was not a cold day... Yup Chennai was 20*C, we guys went on to order some cold drinks. I went in with my usual Boston Ice Tea.. My buddies went in with Pepsi (Nothing  to write about it ) Blushing the Pina Coloda and Creamy Banana Smoothie. All the drinks tasted fine except for the Banana Smoothie which was way short on Sugar....

Our Food arrives exactly 20mins after ordering. All of us looked starved. The wheels began to churn in our Tummy... I had not tasted this particular Pasta before Polo e Pesto... My friend had gone in with this one. It tasted good, but the Pesto sauce was not too my liking. Me being a white & red sauce lover dint seem to enjoy the Pesto Sauce.... The pasta tasted different. Then we went on the rampage with the Pizzas. The order was Americana , Ruspantae and Pollo all Orientale all in 12". I would rate the Pizzas as the best in town of all the places in town. If you are used to Indianised Pizza's Please forget this place and head to your nearest Pizza Hut or Dominos enjoy your pizza. If you are  still determined to try  it out and want only a chicken pizza and not a Ham or Beef or any other meat, pick the Ruspante. Its one pizza you will definitely love. The meats on the pizza's here are generous and the cheese is really fresh. Pollo all Orientale is a hot and sweet pizza. Not many people will like it... The chicken is spicy and the sauce on the pizza being really sweet. I like this pizza as well, I have tried this pizza on one other occasion.The pizza still tasted the same. I like sweet and spicy taste...Not many will be able to accept to that kind of taste... My favorite pizza has to be the Americana. I just love the taste of it... This pizza tastes the best of all the chicken pizza's available here. The ingredients mix really well in this pizza and to top it off the Pizza base is the best party trick in Tuscana's Pizzas. The quantity here is pretty large and the quality is also top notch. I have been visiting Tuscana and will also continue visiting Tuscana again when in need of having awesome pizza's and the best Italian Authentic Food!!!!!!

Food - 9/10
Ambiance - 9/10
Service - 9/10
Price - 8/10

Tuscana Pizzeria is located on KNK Road in Nungumbakkam. 

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