Shiraz Cafe, ECR - Round 2!!!!

Yes!!!! you saw it right its Round 2 at Shiraz Cafe!!!.... I went there only 2 weeks ago and i went back  to Shiraz Cafe. When i went there the first time, i was not able to get the  full feel of the Food nor the Ambiance. So thought i would head over there again. Anyways my bro wanted to try the food so we went.

This time i had lot more time to eat, not like I had to run for a movie. Clicked  a bit more of pics, enjoyed the food in peace.

Coming to the Food

The menu remained mostly unchanged, except for a few dishes . The welcome drink was again the same Guava Drink which was little less sweeter. Had a sip or two of it, still loved it. Then the soup was not changed. But this time I know the ingredients of the soup. Its basically rice with lentils and oats with a bit of curd. The taste of the soup remained practically unchanged so thats a score for the soup.

Next  I went on to the starters. The Hummus and Pita bread also remained the same. I loved the place mainly because of the Hummus which I love. Then the rest of the starters where the same.
They had Lentils, Eggplant fry in gravy and Egg plant in Yogurt. These dishes tasted really good. Another set of Starters such as French Fries, Cheese Balls, Cheese Rolls and also Stuffed Veg rolls seemed like out of the box, which you can buy from your super market. That is not the only bad issue. the food was quite cold

Then the main course remained similar to my last visit, but had a few surprise additions instead of changes to the menu. The BBQ Chicken was Top notch today. None of the Saltiness which was present the last time. The rice with Chicken Kebabs was the same top notch preparation. The Mutton with eggplant and ladysfinger remained the same in taste so also was the Fish with spinach. The crumb fried lolly pop chicken was new addition, but sadly it was too cold and too hard. Another addition to the Menu was Chicken in apricot, it  was way too sweet. It deserves a place in  the Desert Section... Seesshhh!!!!! It was just too sweet for a main course. None of the people who came with me, liked it.

Now the desserts remained relatively simple Rose Ice Cream with Yogurt and a variety of cakes. The taste remained top notch. Last but not the least the TEA!!!!!! i loved it....It was a lemon tea which was simply superb.

The Buffet is still priced Rs500/- per head.

I am revising what I had said in the previous review.

Food - 7/10 ( Since most of the dishes where cold )
Ambiance - 7/10 ( Liked it. No rains today but it remained cloudy with a cool breeze)
Service - 7/10
Price - 7/10

The revisions are mainly because of cold food and some out of the box dishes.

I would call the food as a family food in a Middle Eastern Family Home.

Shiraz Cafe is located inside Cholamandal Artist Village at Injambakkam.

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