Swiss Hutte, Greams Road

Hello fellow readers, I have just resigned from my deep hibernation. The actual reason, I was taking up exams, so had to ADAKI VAASICHUFY!!! ( limit my blogging). Now that I am back, I thought Swiss Hutte,  needed some good marks after run down over by others all over. Mind you I did dine a few days before the rundown happened on print. Anyways here are my observations.

Swiss Hutte, the immediately catapults your brain into thinking, swiss cheese, chocolates and concoctions. But here the creators have gone different way. They seem to have captured the essence which is the ambiance. This summer season may not bode well with the ambiance, but I am sure a small drizzle or the much cooler summer (Nov - Dec) of Chennai will do wonders.

It was three friends setting out to catch up with one an another other after a long break. This was going to be a more conversation day, so each picked are choice meal. I chose the Chicken Steak Sandwich, while my friends decided on Beef Burger and the Chicken Steak.

The Beef Burger was mildly dry as my friend had wanted a well done burger. The Chicken Steak which my other friend ordered  was soft, juicy and perfect. Every bite into it just showed the simplicity of the dish.

The Chicken Steak Sandwich which I had opted, had the same delicious steak stuffed inside a  baguette. The baguette bread was just perfect. The best I have had in a long time. Very fresh and you could hear the crunchiness of the bread in every bite. Good thing they had not diluted the dish by dabbing it up with mayo or any other sauce. As for the fries they seemed, a little store bought. Overall the food was good, it reminded me very much of La Boulangerie.

Simple decor. They quite simply captured the essence of a swiss cafe in a farm minus the weather. They have a outdoor dinning and a indoor dining. I would reserve comments on the outdoor dinning for a later occasion. The cafe does not have a car park of its own and it relies on the car parking on the greams road. Tough luck on a weekday when the Apollo Hospital is packed.

This is one area were they fall behind by a large margin. The waiters are not trained and it shows. They find it hard to suggest a dish.

Well the meal was priced at Rs 1700 for 3 people, which I consider a little pricy considering the dishes we had ordered.

Inspite of the drawbacks with the service and the pricing I would definitely love to return to Swiss Hutte for the decor and their fresh breads.

Food - 7.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 5/10
Price - 7/10

Swiss Hutte is located in Greams Road, bang opposite to Apollo Hospitals.

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*A review about a place holds good only for 6 months as there can be a change in quality and quantity of the food, the service and the staff, due to reasons best known only to them. So kindly consider these factors while visiting the places.

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