Jewel Box, Hotel Blue Diamond, EVR Periyar Salai - Christmas Specials

Christmas & New Year is time I go on an overdrive on binge eating. My favourite is the turkey hands down. This Roast Turkey and the Turkey Biryani are the specialities of the season and every restaurant in town is serving it left right and centre. For the restaurants which do not have speciality dish for the season, they have gone the route of serving up a lavish buffet. I have found no better place to have the festive dish than the place which introduced me to Turkey!!!. I have returned here every year for the yummy, tasty turkey roast and biryani.

What happens when two foodies (ChennaiSoru and ChennaiFoodie) set their mind on having the best Christmas lunch - we end up ordering the best dishes on the menu. Our meal comprised of Turkey Biryani, Turkey Roast, Special Parotta, Fish Fingers and finally Butter Chicken Masala.

I do not think anyone even in the western world would have thought about this combination. Bringing the two elements together, Turkey Roast with Special Parotta. It is a WoW! combination. Its best had dine in, as the parotta can loose the crispiness if eaten later. My company for the meal suggested a different combination for this and we had it along with Cheese Sandwich. Stuffing the Turkey in the sandwich brings a different western perspective to the dish.

Fish Finger was soft, fresh and delicious. It has been my all time favourite since I was a kid. Next we moved to gobbling down the Turkey Biryani which is slightly mild biryani, works well. Finally we could not finish the meal without the famous Butter Chicken Masala. Another lip smacking dish.

Just to treat the sweet buds we had the Caramel Custard Pudding and Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream. An absolute decadent indulgence. It is true testament of its worth, that the restaurant has stood the test of time, managing to serve up amazing dishes .

Yes it is true the ambiance is just okay and has not moved ahead with the time. But for the people such as me it brings back many nostalgic memories.

A meal for two with a mix of turkey dishes should set you back by about Rs 1000 to 1200 for two depending on how many portions you order.

Food: 9/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Price: 8/10

The Turkey specials are available only in limited portions so it is advisable to dine in at the earliest. They do have full birds of varying sizes for party orders which need a days notice.

Jewel Box Restaurant is located in Hotel Blue Diamond on EVR Periyar Salai.

PS: Thanks to Chennaifoodie for the photos. www.chennaifoodie.com
All the photos were shot using Nokia Lumia 730

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