Double Roti, Teynampet

Looks like Burgers have become the HoT!! commodity in Chennai. Every new joint which pops up wants to fill this lacunae. Thanks to this thought,  we have loads of Burger Joints. One of the latest entrant to the scene is Double Roti. After establishing a strong base in Guragon, they have moved to the best city in India, Yes!! Namma Singara Chennai!!!

I had a small meet-up with a bunch of foodies after days work, my first outing in months. I must thank Fazil (Mr. Food in Chennai) for waiting patiently till the time I was available to try this joint. Since I am a burger lover. Even known in some food circles as Shadir " The Burger" Bughari, this joint which people have been raving about was on my must have list.

Our order for the evening was a Single Patty Illegal Burger / Barely Legal Burger, then a double patty of the same, a 4th of July Burger and finally the drinks which were Oreo O Oreo Shake, Killer Chocolate Shake and two other shakes whose names, I am unable to recollect. In between all this there was Beef Chilli Fries

Firstly let me get the Fries part done. I have been waiting to see if someone does this concept of topping a meat onto fries in India. Thank heavens it has finally happened. I must say they have got it right. Beef is based on steak sauce with kidney beans and small amount of chilli flakes. People who love HEAT, please you will be like, what, where and stuffs. The BEST fries I have had in a long while. I was simply mind blown. The beef gravy was similar in taste to Turkey Roast ( New Year ) special at Hotel Blue Diamond.

Now coming to the drinks. It was humongous. Freakishly Large jars!! I bet you I did not expect em to be served in  such a big jar for that price. Taste - Devine! Very much up the alley of Sandys and Mocha. I only happened to taste the chocolate shakes, but WoW! will be a understatement.

Finally coming to Burgers. I ll start by dissecting the burger into parts. Buns - Perfect, held together, until the last bite. Soft at the same time fresh. Cheese, Mayo and the Meat - Tick, tick, tick. Right proportions, quantity and color. Now comes the time to test. Firstly the Illegal Burger / Barely Legal Burger. One bite instant FOODGASAM! you are transported to new realm. Best Beef burger. This tops my list as the best burger in town. The 4th of July Burger on the other hand a lamb burger, was similar to the ones I have had at Gallopin Gooseberries many decades ago. I did notice some kidney beans in the burger as well. Maybe its Double Roti's way of serving veggies to pure blooded CARNIVORES!

While having these burgers I could only think of one thing over and over again. The episode in " How I met your Mother" where Marshall hunts for the best burger in New York. I feel I had the similar happiness in the end.

To sum up - Best Burger Joint in the city. One cannot call himself a BURGER lover if he misses this joint.

It is a small 30 seater restaurant, with loud music, very much like pub minus the alcohol. The major minus is that the place lacks parking space and you have to park on the road. Also now that this place has a huge fan following, getting a seat is really difficult.

Is fast and courteous. They make sure you do not leave the restaurant hungry.

This meal for the four of us was Rs 1850/- which I felt was quite reasonable in this day and age, also we were like really stuffed when we left.

Food - 8.5/10
Ambiance - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Disclaimer - I paid for the meal

Double Roti is located in Cenotaph Road, Teynampet .

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