The Dining Room - Park Hyatt, Velachery - 5 by 5 healthy week

There is lot of chat about eating healthy and living healthy.  I  believe eating just salads for one meal a day everyday, should help our body detox and also give the necessary fibre content.

Since I love salads, I joined Mr. Food in Chennai for a Salads only lunch at The Dining Room at Park Hyatt. They have priced these innovative healthy salads deal at Rs 450 + taxes for each salads. To accompany the salads, they do have a selection of healthy drinks as well.

Without further ado, I ll talk about the food. The salads are normally put into single bowl and served. Here they decided to give it a twist by deconstructing it. Yes this was my 1st deconstructed salad. Also my first experience on the different preparation styles of a salad.

The Dining room wipes out the deconstructed salad in

- Roasted
which was made of baby beetroot, fennel, apple, celery, walnut, orange, arugula and goat cheese

- Blanched
asparagus, mango, snow peas, shaved carrot, scallions and toasted hazelnuts

- Tossed
made of quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, parsley mint, toasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower cress

- Smashed
which contains edamame and broccoli spread, roasted garlic lemon, ricotta and pumpernickel toast

- Grilled
which was made of eggplant, chickpeas, dates, honey, chilli, feta, pomegranate, pine nut and fresh herbs.

One can top them of with the addition of non-veggies

- Smoked Salmon
- Seared Tuna
- Poached Egg
- Chicken Breast

To accompany these and wash them down, a selection of healthy drinks.

- Watermelon Smoothie
Fresh watermelon, yoghurt and honey

- Skin Tonic
Romaine Lettuce, Cilantro, Lime and Pineapple

- Spark
Almond, milk, avocado, vanilla bean and banana

- Energiser
Apple, Kiwi, Lime, Spinach, Celery and honey


- Bello
Banana, spinach, coconut, cashew and coconut cream

I had bit of all the salads and the drinks. Personally I have never had a blanched salad. I was pleasantly surprised about the flavours. A small amount of mango also does wonders. My personal favourite of the lot was the Grilled Salad. It had a heavy mediterranean influence. Something like the hummus. Loved it. Between the Smoked Salmon and the Grilled Chicken, I somehow ended up liking the chicken, in spite of me being a Salmon lover. Plenty of drinks to combine with the salads and my personal pick was the Bello - you cant even feel the spinach in it, which is the best part.

These amazing selection of salads are available between 21st April to 28th April for both lunch and dinner at The Dinning Room and for dinner at Flying Elephant - Park Hyatt.

Lovely ambiance with a fantastic view. Great place to unwind after a hard days work

A lovely healthy meal for two should cost Rs 1800/- odd.

Disclaimer : Invited review

Park Hyatt is located on the entrance of Velachery High Road on Guindy.

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